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Hello i had my 5th WI friday and i have to say i'm a bit peed off to say the least :badmood: i only lost a pound and i had to answer a million questions from the chemist and i swear to god i have not cheated i dont see the point and i brought some ketostix and i'm in ketosis and am now wondering what the (beep) happened. I could have cried (in fact i did) what have i done wrong !!! :gen147:
also the chemist said i should only be drinking 2lts of water which i'm now thinking i drink to much as i drink about 4lts:argh:
I guess i feeling very low and wondering is it all worth it for a pound loss or was it just an off week

any help would be great as i just don't know what to do or if to carry on !
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ur chemist is barmy!!! peeps with average bmi of 20-25 should drink 3ltrs of water per day - anyone with weight to lose should add 500ml for every stone they are overweight to that total. soooo i reckon ur not drinking enough!!!! I did a thread a few days ago entitled 'water-water-water' that explains it in more detail. If ur bod aint getting enough water it is more inclined to hold on to what u have consumed - so drink more = pee more = lose weight.

DONT GIVE UP!!!!! this is just a blip :)


Says it as it is!!!
Your chemist is fecking clueless!!!!!!!...If they had actually watched the lipotrim video they would know LT recommend a MINIMUM of 2 ltrs up to a maximum of 5ltrs!!!!!! . Also, we all have slow weeks.... you will have a bigger loss next week as your body is loosing weight at such a massive speed, it sometimes needs time to catch up! What they should have done is said fantastic loss!!! What you need to do now is measure yourself, i will pormise you would have lost inches!!!!!!! plus loosing 1lb of fat is equivalent to burning 3,500 cals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrr thay make me mad, undertrained, ignorant gits!!!!


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well said Nic and well done on your loss Mille x
Chin up up kidda, as said inches gone instead, dont worry, bring on next week!
Hi Millie,

These weeks happen to us all. I lost 2.64lbs last week (I rounded it up to 3lbs!) and I hadn't cheated at all either. It could be down to totm or needing a poo (sorry - too much information) or, as Nic says, just your body unable to keep up with the loss and next week it will even itself out.

Which chemist do you go to coz mine is in Basingstoke too and my chemist questioned me after my loss last week assuming I had cheated!



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Hi cuddlyfairy
i go to the one in old basing is this the same as yours ?
Dont worry Mille....youve lost almost 2 stone in 5wks. That is a fab loss so ur chemist is talking through her arse. You keep goin hun cos ur doin it right, ur body is just trying to hang on to a bit, but itll have to let go of it soon chick!!!!!! Chin up and good luck for nxt wk x

rainbow brite

Here's to an awesome loss next week! Keep up the brilliant work sweetie, you can do it!! :D
I lost 1lb too this week. My chemist explained that totm, needing to poo(!) and womens' hormonal changes all mean we will have a 'bad' week now and then. ABSOLUTELY no suggestion of cheating etc....I must have a really good one - and as she is the only one in the whole of the Swansea area (that I know of) I consider myself very lucky.
Take no notice - you have done brilliantly!!!!
Mille, yep that is mine too. It was her musings about my loss "slowing down" that made me paraniod and post a feeling sorry for myself weight loss thread - which I was quite rightly told off for.

It was my totm and I had run out of fibreclear with it's inevitable consequences and I'm putting it down to that. She didn't say anything on the 2 weeks when I only lost 2lb.

I had not had any problems before then. I told her I had upped my water and she said LT recommend a minimum of 2 litres but didn't say I was drinking too much.

Oh well, next WI tomorrow so fingers crossed it's better (although my scales - yes I succumber after getting my hopes up last week - don't look encouraging!)



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Well done on the pound. Its a loss and thats the main thing. Are u using a toothpaste with acid (not sure of type) as it can knock u out of ketoses. Best to be safe than sorry.....
No worry hun, 1lb is a 1lb, still a loss, sure I actually put on 1 week and didn't cheat, your body works in mysterious ways, well, womens bodies anyway!!! Best of luck next week and never mind that ahole of a chemist!!


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Hi cuddlyfairy
i was just a bit miffed when she questioned me and even asked me if i had been drinking coke !!!! which i thought was weird as what part of i have not cheated did she not understand i have to say i came out of there feeling poop and worried that there is something wrong with me and i'm doomed to fail!
so where abouts in basingstoke do you live ?
Hi Mille,

I'm about 5 mins from the chemist - 15 if I walk it - which I didn't today coz it was pouring with rain!!!!

What about you?



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I come from kempshott so i cant really walk

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