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* week issues!


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Does anyone else find that they are hungry a lot more when it's that time of the month? I'm eating as much as usual but when it's * star week, i'm always hungry! So annoying!

And also, i put 1.5lb on last week. :( *sigh* I was really good, stuck to the plan completely. So i was speaking to my consultant and put it down to * star week.. cos i was due in 4 days! Does anyone else have gains during TOM?
It's my first gain tho, all other * weeks i've maintained or lost only 0.5lb.
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Oh god, I well and truly get the munchies when I'm on!

I just make sure I have lots of melon or lots of free food, such as chicken if I'm having a red day - so I can snack! :D xxx


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Yeeah, i'm considering going to get some fruit or something! I had a jacket potato about an hour and a half ago and i'm hungry again! Grr! Thanks hun x


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I know that Melon's pretty much water, but it's a SS food, and it keeps you busy whilst eating it :p Definitely a good choice!

I wish I liked salad, I'd be okay then! The only salad I like is a Meat Pie and Chip Salad! xxx


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Yeah i love Melon but don't think we've got any in at the min!! I'll have to have some pineapple! :)

:8855:mad: meat pie & chip salad... thats my kind of salad.

I also get the munchies but usually the week before I am due on. Always for something random though, this month, I wanted victoria sponge cake... :eek:

Like Ruby says, Melon is a good choice. You'll be grand, just try to hold the will power!

Mrs V

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I get the random cravings when its * week and I also bloat too :(
I throw in a few more EE days (normally have 5-6 Red days and 1 EE a week) to give me the carb fill.
Just remember to drink plenty of water (sounds silly considering you bloat), but can guarantee you will get a good loss.


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Just remember to drink plenty of water (sounds silly considering you bloat), but can guarantee you will get a good loss.
I used to be really good at drinking loads of water when i first started but i just seem to forget, i will have to try though because i know it really helps.
Thanks x


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When I'm due, my stomach is like a bottomless pit. I mooch around looking for food ALL day. Ravenous and can't be satisfied for love nor money.
Then when I get my period, I have little or no interest in food. Which is very unlike me! It's weird, this star week business!
I always eat loads in the few days before and during my star week. I feel hungry all the time and put on about 3lb water weight on the first day guarenteed! Your body uses up 300 more calories per day during your TOM plus cravings may be your body's attempt at increasing your iron intake. It may mean that it just requires a bit more will power to make sure you stick to plan, but taking in more calories is clearly what your body needs.


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Yeah it does definitely make it harder because i love to eat anyway, so wanting to eat even more is not good!! I am proud of myself for staying strong! Iv been craving everything and anything but stuck to the plan :D Hoping for a good loss this week! xxx


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Hiya hun! You're not the only one who has had issues with * week. It was my * week last week and I had my first gain in 11 weeks :) the previous 2 times I lost 0.5lb I think. I tried not to beat myself up too much about it as it was prob just water...it's disappeared again now :) Shame it didn't disappear in time for WI on Friday, lol! :D I also get really hungry during TOTM, and I crave chocolate which I don't normally crave. I guess it's just something we have to accept, sigh! :sigh: I was never regular until I started losing weight, so it's kind of nice for me...shows that my body's working the way it's supposed to :) xx

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