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Week one and not great plus no consultant!


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st1lb(0.5%)
Hi all,
Just finished first week and turned up to find there was no consultant tonight it was just a weigh and go (anyone else get peeved that we still have to pay full fee for that?) so feeling a bit fed up because a) only lost 1.5lb which is pretty poor for a first week's effort I think and b) of course because my cons wasn't there I haven't been able to give her my food log for her to see where I may have gone wrong. Have followed to the letter and looked everything up as although I've done SW before I know how quickly it changes.

Ah well, will stick with it, using my leftover sins on a couple of shots (measured I hasten to add!) of Sailor Jerry and diet ginger beer...onwards!

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Blimey, I've never heard of that happen before. I would contact SW about it directly, and ask about protocol. This surely can't be right! And CERTAINLY not when you still have to pay! So sorry you had a disappointing first weigh in :-(

Lots of love, Caramelle X X
That happened to my friend too a couple of weeks ago! I told her to complain but I don't think she bothered in the end. I don't think it is right that you should have to pay full price - after all that is what you are paying for, you are not paying just to be weighed!

Congrats on the loss - although not as much as you hoped it is still a loss! :)


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I agree, you shouldn't have to pay if the consultant hasn't had a class... also not very encouraging for you especially after your first week... BUT don't be dispondent.. we had lady in our class who only lost 1/2 lb the first week and was really upset about it and then on her second week lost 6 lb ....... don't give up... any loss is always fantastic !!!


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st1lb(0.5%)
Thanks guys! Am definitely not ready to give up. Got off the bus at the right stop (not at Tesco!) and came home and had my planned dinner and then used my leftover syns on a couple of yummy measures of alcohol (I've missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!). Fingers crossed it will work out next week, in it for the long haul :D

As for the consultant, think it's only ever happened to me once before, I guess I was more fed up because had I known I'd have gone straight after work (I don't finish in time for the earlier group but would have been ok on this occasion) and been home 1.5hours earlier! Never mind, will let it go this time but if it happens too often will have to say something. The group is tiny compared to what it was this time last year when I went, I do wonder if the cons isn't that good...we'll see...either way she isn't going to sabotage my weight loss!


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Hey aliflower :) Pretty name hun! I think it's terrible that happened at your WI, shouldn't be the case! Read a story a few days ago on here about a WI in the car park rather than the actual venue, I think it's really bad.

About your loss, honestly hun, don't worry about it! I GAINED 0.5lbs in my first week, was absolutely gutted. The old me would have given up after that, but the new me sat back and thought 'what did I do wrong?'. A few things, actually! ...:

I took 'eat as much as you want and still lose weight' a bit too literally. I was eating until I was full, but still probably eating too much at meal times and not filling up on fruit snacks throughout the day.

I wore very light clothes to my first WI, had had no breakfast (my WI is at 10am), and had been to the toilet just before. My second WI, I'd had breakfast, wore jeans, forgot my phone (brick, may I add) was in my pocket, and hadn't been to the toilet since the night before. Now I wear the same pair of jeans each week, don't eat breakfast and make sure my pockets are empty!

I didn't have enough speed foods. After that second WI, I started having a lot more pineapple in the week, and got losses, small though they were, but slow and steady wins the race!

I hope this sheds some light on why you could have had a loss you think is poor, but please don't fret! Just keep trying, and enjoy the possibilities of SW!

Also, you think your C is bad? ...won't complain here, but I did start a thread about it a few weeks ago!

Ali xxx
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I don't go to class, but even I think that is pretty awful! Especially if you had to pay the full price-that's not on!
Also wanted to say, don't be too disheartened by your first loss. I only lost about 1lb in my first week (which is great, but not for a first week ;) ) but the following week I lost 6! :D
Good luck with your second week and I hope your next class is much better for you.x
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I posted about this before as well - having to pay when we just get weighed. My class is on a Monday, and I started in March, so I've had 3 classes that fell on bank holidays where we just had a weigh-in, and on 2 other nights we just had a weigh-in as the Consultant's mother was ill. I'm in NI and the 12th July is on a Monday, so we are just having a weigh-in on the Sunday night for that week (class voted to have it on the Sunday night).

I have to say, I always stay for class, so I do get a bit annoyed at having to pay £4.95 to just get weighed - I could do that in the bathroom at home for free!

As for 'only' loosing 1.5lbs, there is a girl in my class who started 3 weeks ago. She didn't loose anything in her first week, but lost 4lbs in her second week, and 3 lbs this week. It just took her a while for her body to adjust and for her to get going with the plan, so don't be disheartened :)


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aliflower - I too am a new returner to SW like you (back on for 8 weeks after being away for 5 years!). The plan has changed and so I have been easing my way in with Extra Easy - just remember the 1/3 Protein + 1/3 carb + 1/3 veg rule - that seems to be the key.
So far its been steady at 1.5 to 2.0llb loss per week - so don't despair.

You could also try a class further away from home - I think the support you get is vital - my class is about 8 miles away, but the group is great and the consultant v supportive - even if you don't get to speak direct she emails and you can always contact her that way.

Good luck


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I thought if the consultant was having time off, they are supposed to have a stand in.

I have never been to a weigh-in without a consultant being there, ours always has another one standing in for her

I would contact s/w please let us know what they say


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Hi Aliflower, don't worry too much about your loss hun, it's often pretty hard when returning to SW, some of the SW habits from previous times stay with you so you don't always lose as much as you expect. Stick with it!
The plan has changed and so I have been easing my way in with Extra Easy - just remember the 1/3 Protein + 1/3 carb + 1/3 veg rule - that seems to be the key.
Good luck
Just wanted to say that this isn't strictly true - as long as you have superfree the other 2/3rds can be red or green or both.

As for it being a weigh and go, I'm sure your consultant had good reason :)


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we didn't have a consultant last week, shes already a stand in for the actual consultant, anyway, we do not pay if its just a WI and no class.
It is quite difficult for a consultant to get a stand-in, especially at short notice. She has to ring round everyone herself - there is no special system for organising this - and hope to hit on someone who will be free.

My consultant should have been on holiday last week - she came back all the way from the south coast for her classes. There's dedication for you!


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 0st1lb(0.5%)
Wow, if only they were all as dedicated! I don't want to go rocking the boat so am going to let this go, but if it happens again any time soon I'll be asking why we have to pay full price.

Thanks for the image cocktail princess!! Gross but reassuring at the same time :D

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