Week one done!

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  1. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Started exante last week.
    Just found this site so reading it all!
    It's hard at times, more the wanting to have food.
    Lost 12 lbs this week which I'm delighted with
    2stones to go aiming for 3 lbs this week...is this unlikely due to big weight loss this week?
    Looking forward to swapping stories with everyone:)
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  3. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Well, day 3 of week 2!
    back at work so hopefully busy is better.

    fingers crossed for 3 lbs this week

    Is this achievable?

    Good luck everyone
  4. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I'm on my first week this week. I imagine looking around at the forums that 3lb on week 2 should be achievable but it depends overall how much weight you need to lose your body type etc. Everyone reacts differently. Just stick to it and see what happens. Drink lots of water and have faith in the process it should work.
  5. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Mmm posted and lost reply!
    Thanks Nessa!
    I have 2 stones to goal and 2 months til holiday so that's my motivation!
    How you finding it?
    Im still taking it a day at a time.
    Hope to catch up later
  6. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Well done on getting through week one, 12lb is fantastic. I've lost 19lbs in 3 weeks, 10,4 & 5 so definitely achievable to get good losses after first week. Hope rest of your week is good.
  7. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Thanks Rosie!
    That gives me hope.
    Your weight losses are fantastic, you must be pleased.
    Are you finding it easier as the weeks go on?
  8. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Really pleased, wasn't sure I'd make it a week! I'm on the add a meal week, so think it will be a smaller loss this week, but still feeling focused. Yes, has got easier , seems to have gone really quickly am now ready to order my next 4 week box!
  9. KellyJervis

    KellyJervis Full Member

    Well done!
  10. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Well done Rosie
    im having a thinking of food day, haven't had anything but it's been a mind over matter day.
    off to bed and hopefully easier tomorrow.

    Do you jump on the scales every day...or resist?
  11. salty

    salty Full Member

    well done youve done great
  12. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Thanks salty
    How you doing?

    Thats week 2 done...3 off!!!

    Keep going!
  13. LibraLite

    LibraLite Full Member

    Well done, You're doing great! I'm on my third attempt - Day 1 for me today, Good luck on your journey! :)
  14. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Keep going Libra!
    it will be worth it.
    Its more the wanting something nice to eat that is getting me rather than hunger.
    Keep posting and drinking lots!
    Good luck
  15. jjb1953

    jjb1953 New Member

    I started the diet last Monday so weighed in and had lost 5.2lbs. Not the biggest drop in the world, but I was delighted. I didn't find last week too bad, and now I have learned to mix the shakes and soups better then they taste okay to me.
    Strange thing last night though was that although I didn't feel hungry, I dreamed about food...
    Today been shopping, and I was drooling a little, but coping well.
    Read on the forum that wee 2 can be hard - fingers crossed. Good luck for this week everyone!!
  16. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Good luck jjb!
    At least dream food is calorie free!!
  17. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Well done on your loss and completing week one!

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