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Weekend Away


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Hey lovely ladies and gents

everyone ok this warm bright Thursday?

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited for the weekend, i don't think i can put into words just how excited i am!

it's my birthday on saturday, which is fab enough, but i'm being taken away this weekend by my oldest, bestest friends for my hen weekend! i don't know where we're going (its in the UK) for two nights of fabulous fun!

i was going to make a bit of a hamper to take with me, so i always haev some food to grab. I want to be as good as possible on the food front, so i can drink without worrying too much!

so i was thinking of the usual. Fruit and cucumber and carrot sticks, plus alpan light bars etc, but does anyone have any other recommendations for free food?

i would 'like' to stick to Red Days if possible!

ok! over to you!
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Oh have a fab time - sounds like you will though!!

I would just take like you say - fruit, alpen bars etc. I'd also take some low syn crisps so if they are all munching away after drinks later in the room, you can to but with not much damage!!

Also - is there anyway the girls can tell you if the room has a fridge?? That way you could pack in a cool bag sliced meats & syn free pate etc.

HAVE A GREAT TIME THOUGH!! And if that means that on your one & only hen night you have a few naughties - then so be it IMO x


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ah, alas, i have 5 hen nights/weekend's! so i have to try and be good! especially as last weekend i was celebrating my birthday with other friends and put 5lbs on! haha! naughty!

good idea on the fridge. i was going to take a cool box, how long would that keep things cool do you think?
5 !!! Thought I was bad having 3, lol

I think the cool boxes with ice packs can keep things cool for upto 8 hours (might be wrong though!!) make sure the box is in a cool place so if in car or something - not in direct sun light.

It would be worth finding out about a fridge, you can use that for food & then you can then use the bathroom sink filled with cold water to store your booze!!! haha


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hahaha! love that plan! thank you!

any other wise suggestions?!

also, is vodka the lowest syn alcohol?! I will start with a glass of bubbly, but go onto vodka and diet coke i think


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ha ha! i like your style!
Hey gorgeous, go for vodka, its the lowest syn, i have mine with soda water and dash of lime and LOTS of ice, i crush the ice down a bit to make me think im drinking moijitos! ha ha. Have a fab time honey x
Oh was going to say, how about joes cocktail sausages if you have some left, along with ham and chicken pieces, if you take a cool box you could keep them stored until where-ever you arrive. when im out in the cab i take a bunch of bananas! I know its not good eating too many, for different reasons, but that keeps you full and gives you energy xx


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love the pic anna!

there are syns in lime isn't there?

i think i am going to take some ham/chicken/joe's sauasages, they'll be ok for 24 hours im sure! WAHOO!


Always comes back to MMs!
Woodsylou you've done brilliantly so far, and you always seem really well prepared for stuff like this, so I'm sure you'll have a great time and come back with a loss!! Have a brilliant time xxxx
thank you :)
the main thing is to have fun - so make sure you do that first and foremost!!!

take some fruit, cereal bars, and some diet drinks for the hotel - you never know when you might need one, and they cost a bomb in hotels for room service!!!

Drink vodka - :D

and have fun - (again!!!) xxx
I squeeze fresh lime into mine hun because the cordial has syns! have a fabulous time xx

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