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WeeMo's Diary


Trying again!!!
On the advice of Gemma I've decided to start a diary in the hope that it will help keep me on track.

Two reasons really for starting SW ~ My health (I have had Crohn's Disease since I was 12) and also when I was on hols in January I said that the next time I go away I will have a body to be proud of (I say that every year but each year it never happens). Luckily I overheard 2 women chatting in the library about SW and how much you can eat, how much weight they had lost, etc etc and the rest is history!

So have 2 mini goals - a wedding to go to on 18th April and a holiday to Ibiza in September.

In good form to-day as lost 3lbs so am spurred on for the week ahead.
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Hi Mary
Well done on staring your diary,lovely to have another diary to read i like to see how all my lovely friends are doing on here.
Well done again on your 3lb thats great.
If you have a bad day or need advice please post and we can help each other. xx


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi weemo, well done on your 3lb loss this week. Keep up the good work and i'm sure you will have a body to be proud of for your holiday xx


Trying again!!!
I certainly hope so Gemma, thanx! Woke up very hungry to-day so decided it has to be a green day ~ much prefer them to red as always find pasta, rice, etc more filling. Just ate a lovely fresh fruit salad mix from Sainsburys which only cost 10p!! Happened to be in Sainsburys last night when they were marking down their fresh fruit and veg so managed to get a few bargains (all 10p each)! Out shopping with my mum later in the hope that I can pick up some shoes for a wedding I have to go to on 18th of this month. I just love shoes ~ my hubby can't believe that I need another pair but you know what us women are like.... Going to be angelic all week (well, that's the plan) as out with my friends and hubbies on Saturday night for a meal and a few drinks so I know I will be using my syns then. For exercise to-day I'm going to do Letitia Dean's fitness DVD or should I say try!
Have fun buying your new shoes....
I have my eye on a new DKNY Bag and purse. but i keep dropping hints to my partner as its my birthday next week and maybe he might get it for me!


Trying again!!!
You sound like me Gemma ~ works most times too! Hope you get your bag and purse, when is your birthday?

Got my shoes, lovely cobalt blue colour and 4 inch heels ~ the higher the better!

Been good to-day, just had a coffee when out shopping as ate before I left and I always take fruit with me so that if I do get hungry I always have something to hand.

Exercise wise I went a walk with my hubby and did some of a fitness DVD.

Would like at least 2lbs off before this blasted wedding on the 18th so that's what's keeping me motivated at the moment.
good luck hunni.xx

men just dont get the bag and shoe thing do they.lol


Trying again!!!
Thanks Susan ~ I know, my hubby thinks I only need 1 bag, yea right!!

So not sure whether to have a green or a red day ~ have had a boiled egg so far. Wouldn't mind trying EE sometime but I'm not sure. Tried on my outfit for the wedding so it's definately not feeling as tight. Two more weeks to go so would love to lose another 2-3lb. Have told my hubby not to buy me an Easter Egg this year but I will still be having my treats over that period. Planning to do sometime on the treadmill to-day and go for another walk.


Trying again!!!
Thanks Laurie ~ I just love shoes (and bags)!! I plan to upload some before photos of me and will put on some of me at the wedding. Off out now to get groceries, want to do some cooking tomorrow and freeze a lot of stuff. Don't know why but I'm really down on it to-day but am determined not too pig out as a comfort.


Trying again!!!
Not having a good day ~ went for lunch with my mum and indulged. Feel bad now plus not one person has noticed that I have lost any weight other than my husband!!
Look forward to seeing Pictures of your shoes.... Pretty please!
Well i do work 7 days a week still at the moment my choice!
My birthday is 15th April.... Im gonna have the day off and my sister wants to take me out then Steve will in the evening :)


Trying again!!!
Will post a photo of them later, going out now for a walk. Not long to your birthday now Gemma, something for you to look forward to, make sure you get spoilt!

Feeling back on track to-day after my blip yesterday. Haven't decided if it's going to be a red or green day yet, just been eating free food.

Looking after my 4 nieces and nephews overnight so will keep me busy ~ the twins are 4 and the other two are 11 and 9. Problem is I've bought them Pringles (my fave) but it will be a test of willpower for me!


Trying again!!!
Resisted all bad nibbles 2nite so am happy. Kids demolished the pringles and dip in double quick time. My sister-in-law did say she noticed that I had lost weight but didn't like to say so at least one of my family members noticed! So much for me complaining yesterday that none of my family had noticed that I had lost weight. Busy day planned tomorrow ~ cooking meals to freeze, housework and going to try on my outfit for this wedding so will post a photo of my new shoes.


soon to be skinny minnie
Well done weemo for resisting all the bad nibbles, i did too, keep it up hun and you'll be at target in no time xx


Trying again!!!
Really tired to-day but still determined to go a walk after I finish doing some more housework. Tried on my outfit for the wedding and it feels grand, not as tight any more :). Love my new shoes - posted a photo of them, tho they are more brighter blue than my photo shows.

Planning on being extra good today as I'm off out tomorrow night to a wine bar with my hubby and our closest friends so should be a good night. Going to do EE tomorrow for the first time so hopefully it will go well.


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