weigh in after 7 days on lynnes plan


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well ladies ive lost 7llb in a week on lynnes plan shes a bloody genius!!! heres my weeks diary !

every morning / bacon sausage roasted mushrooms and tomatoes in herbs and olive oil and eggs any way you like

midmorning snack / fruit no bananas !

lunch / soups tomato/mushroom meat flavours or marinated chicken with a salad or turkey breast spread with phili light with herbs rolled up

afternoon snack / muller light yogurt with fresh berries in.

tea time 1. good quality burgers x 2 cheese roasted onions grilled tomato on top serve it on a ice burg lettuce leaf wth low fat mayo .

2. creme fresh half fat tbl spoon pesto cook chicken n a wee bt of olive oil then add pesto creme fresh mixture.. let it simmer and serve onto a roasted red pepper (done in olive oil in the oven 20 mins ) grate cheese on top xx

3. marinate chicken in nandos sweet chilly in the morning then grill andf serve on salad

4. gammon and poached egg with pineapple salad and low fat mayo

5. fajitas any meat you like but use ice burg sheets of lettuce as the wrap i put half fat creme fresh cherry toms cucumber and peppers in mine

6. indian meal ! had chicken pakora then chicken tikka salad for main and 2 mailibu diet cokes

7. frittata bacon and sausage and onion cooked off pour over scrambelled egg mixture into tin with sausage and baccon onions and bake on gas mark 6 for 20 mins serve with salad

2 litres water daily plus a protein snack before bed x
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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
who is Lynn?


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So this is basically a low carb diet? Cutting out everything from the heavy carb group, potoatoes, pasta, rice, bread. These diets really do give fantastic results BUT i couldn't stick to it, I lost a stone in just over three weeks and felt fab but the carb monster in me very slowly crept back in! Six months later i have put on a stone and a half!!! Worse than when I started. I love bread and pasta way too much to ever seriously limit them. Good luck thou! Sounds like your doing great x


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I've lost over a stone in a month I'm 10 llb off target now nothing tastes as good as being slim feels !!