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Weigh in, how often?

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Is it odd for me to just not want to know what my losses are? I have dieted before & found that I haven't lost as much as I'd hoped and it has lead to comfort eating-from total disappointment. I'm due to be weighed on Monday but although I know i've lost by the way my clothes feel i'm thinking of asking the pharmacy to keep it to themselves. Will they do this? I really don't want to fall off the wagon but I know one bad result will cause me to,im thinking of maybe monthly weigh in's instead?
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I know what u mean, that happens to me too! But even on a bad day try and keep going :) I find that when i stop dieting and eating what I like, I feel worse and it's harder to get back into it xxx keep going and weigh yourself once a month in the morning if that helps xx :) xxx
a months a long time to stay motivated without being weighed but its what works for you, I get weighed every monday as it keeps me on track, but if I was struggling or had a bad week I wouldnt rule out not getting weighed and leave it till the week after x


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I'm an every day weigher personally :). I like to see the weight drop down day by day (or sometimes not!). I lost 3lbs this week and I think I would have been disappointed if I only weighed myself once a week. Because I weigh myself every day I knew I wasn't in for a big loss this week (week 2) so I was sort of prepared for the scales to only record 3lbs. Down another 0.5lb today though (from yesterday's WI) so onwards and downwards :)
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Im a daily weigher just can't help it!


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I jump on the scales every morning too, because it keeps me on track, though my official weigh in is a monday morning. I have great scales, really sensitive ones, and there isn't a morning where I haven't lost weight, even if it is just 1/4 of a pound, but knowing that it's coming off like that is a great motivator.

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S: 9st6.5lb C: 9st6.5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 25 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes i agree it keeps me on track too!! i have the ww scales i think if it wasn't for them i would have put all the weight back on!!
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I weigh myself daily but only record it weekly that way I can monitor changes easier x
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I weigh daily but track weekly

My biggest point is our bodies don't know wen we weigh so I could step on scales on Monday official WI for instance and have lost 2lbs but then I could step on Tuesday and be showing another 1/2 lbs loss point is we know it's weigh in day but our body doesn't

I like to keep focused on how my body fluctuates and what I do that contributes to this....

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I'm going to try and weigh once a week, but it's so tempting to hop on every day!
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I officially weigh once a week but now and then do a mid week check if I remember


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I weigh in daily but only track weekly. There's not really any hard or fast rule, so do what works for you and keeps you focused. I always think that the waistband on our clothes is a pretty good guide on whether we are losing or gaining weight. Mine certainly felt a lot tighter after Christmas!

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I vary between weighing daily, trying not to weigh 5 times a day, and not wanting to know at all. All normal for me depending on where I am in my weight loss journey.

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