Weigh Loss Blues :(

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    Hello everybody!

    I started Exante TS on 8th August...Admittedly I lasted the whole of 2 weeks on the shakes before I lost the will and started having a salad for tea.

    That then became salad for lunch and salad for tea...Then it became scrambled egg & grilled bacon for breakfast, salad for lunch & salad for tea...

    It's not exactly being going badly, I've lost 2 stone...But after an 8lb weight loss last week, it's only 2lbs this week and I feel really down about it - Like...Actual crying...

    Am I being ridiculous? Should I just stop whining and get back on the shakes? I'm meticulous with my calorie counting, I don't understand where I could have gone wrong? I've kept cals & carbs within that of the shakes and I've been so good :cry:

    Is it just one of those things? I went back to body pump last night after 3 weeks off (I'd been to the hairdressers 2 weeks in a row and didn't wanna mess my new barnet up, then the classes were fully booked) I'm in pain today, but unlike last time I went, I didn't feel like I was going to pass out midway through my tricep workout...

    Just feel terrified that if I don't keep losing a lot then I'll start gaining and I know that's pretty impossible when I'm eating so little but I dunno...It was just going so well, y'know?

    The other thing that was bothering me, was that I'd lost 2 stone and hadn't dropped a size yet, I thought I'd be stuck in a size 16 forever, but I seem to be fitting into 14s now. But then, there's the other dilemma - What if my bone structure's too big - What if I'll never fit into all the size 12 stuff I've bought for my holidays in December? I guess I have a swimmer's build and I do look in proportion and pretty healthy at the moment, am I going to look like skin and bones?

    I realise I'm waffling, maybe I'm just having a moaning day :(

    Anyone want to give me a well-deserved kick up the arse please?

    Sarah xx
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  3. Starlight

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    Am I reading this right and youre only eating 600kcals of food a day :eek: You cant do that!!!! Youre starving yourself and your weight loss will grind to a spectacular halt if you keep on like this, and as for what youre doing to your health? Well I dont know where to start

    You CANNOT just have so few calories. No wonder you thought you were going to pass out

    Youre not doing any kind of diet at the moment, you need to decide, either count calories and do it properly with the CORRECT amount of calories not some made up amount or get back on Exante and do it properly.

    You are seriously risking your health with this way of eating.

    Please STOP IT NOW!
  4. wannabeaslimjim

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    what starlight said :)
  5. nomoremuffintop

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    Hey hun. I just wanted to say well done on trying to lose weight but you can't be healthy on that amount of calories a day on 'normal' food (salad bacon eggs) because there are no way enough vitamins and nutrients in those foods to keep you healthy. If you were on exante you may only have 600 kcal a day but the packs are made with ALL your recommended daily allowance of nutrients including essential fats etc that you NEED to lose weight safely while on a very low calorie diet. Im guessing you are not counting the calories with a program? Like myfitnesspal or myfatsecret? Why not try one of those? You can just input everything you have in a typical day into the system and it tells you how much of the rda you have had as well as carbs/fat/calories. Because you find it relatively easy to control your self when it cones to food discipline I'd think if I was you I would go back to exante ts as long as your bmi is over 25. hope this helped? Xx Muffy
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  6. missbiker

    missbiker Silver Member

    If you like bacon & eggs for brekkie, and salads, etc for other meals - try Atkins or similar low carb, but please do it after researching the programme thoroughly. You are at serious risk of damaging your health long-term, and are definitely not doing any form of Exante - TS or WS.

    Ipseity, please take some time out to reset your goals and think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.

    Anyone else reading the forum .... DO NOT FOLLOW IPSEITY'S "DIET" PLAN!
  7. LastEverDiet

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    Good advice Muffy and Miss Biker - hope this helps you make your mind up what to do Ipseity!
  8. bunny_hops

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    Exante TS was using Xenical and eating low fat and low cal. Exante baby!!!
    Exante is a good low cal diet, and it gives your body what it needs, it's hard but it works. I don't think you've given yourself much of a chance at it after just 2 weeks, maybe you should try again?

    Lots of luck whatever decision you make, just make it a healthy one.
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