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weight driving me crazy

I have scales in my room and my weight seems to be creeping up everyday since being on exante!

I was on lipotrim, I have been really hungry too which I have been previously.

I am hoping this isn't going to continue as I like the taste of exante and I have 3 months worth sat in my room!

I feel very bloated and I'll cry if I have to stay in the 15s for too much longer :(
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I can tell you are frustrated about your weight not coming down as fast as you would like - and if you have stalled or put on a little that is extra hard - especially if you are still feeling hungry. But if I am reading your staistics right you have lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time so well done to you!!!

If you were on lipotrim you know about taking enough water - but it can be hard to do - so maybe worth checking that you are still getting enough. I think other than that you need to stick at it for at least another couple of weeks - you may just be in a period of readjustment and the weight will start dropping off soon. The best of luck - you have already done amazingly well. take care xxx.
yeah, although i had one can of coke zero the other night could be it. I hope its not the bars, I love those bad boys!
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keep strong hunny, you are so brave with everything going on! BUT remember you will lose weight, you have to 600cals a day says so lol!

Do you take measurements? If not try as you most def will be losing inches if not the lbs xx


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Jools I feel for ya. Ive had exactly the same problem for the past 2 weeks, which coincided with me starting exante. My weight has not really moved apart from the first 2 days on it. Day after day after damn day my weight stubbornly refuses to move.

What you and I have to remember though is that everyone hits a plateau sooner or later, especially when we have both lost a lot of weight to date. It just happens, bloody frustrating but there you go. Nothing you can do about it except ride it out.

You have to stay sensible about it, you know you are on 600 cals a day and soonmer or later the weight HAS to move down again. It will move, and come christmas you will be slim and gorgeous and will look back on this little blip and laugh about it. But i really do feel your frustration.
Oh don't worry, quitting isn't an option I will keep going, I want this too badly!

I had a real battle with myself, the girls were eating chinese and ice cream (we have a broken heart in our group) and I had to really have a word with myself to not have any.

I feel amazing for it today though :)

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