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Weight loss and hsyterctomys (sagging tummy)

I wonder if anyone here has had a problem losing their tummy after a hysterecotmy or any procedure where your abdominal muscles had been cut?

I have been overweight for what seems my entire life....however my shape was always pretty symmetrical and normal - just bigger. I was a big hour glass figure, etc.

Then, in 1993 I had to have a hysterectomy. Ever since then, as the weight carried on increasing, the shape of my tummy changed, and it began to "fold over" where the incision was made - it was no longer a gently curve to my pubic area, it stopped at the incision, and than began to hang over? I hope that makes sense?

I just wonder how any other ladies found their tummy after losing this much weight if htey had had that kind of surgery? I have read some threads now on loose skin but missed anything about this. I am hoping I am one of the ones with good genes and my skin will sort of go back to normal, but after that procedure and change in shape I wonder if that is possible?

Anyone in the same boat?
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Happily pro pointing!

I have been wondering the same thing, I had my DD my caesarian and my tummy has never been the same since. I am hoping that I won't be left with the overhang once I have slimmed down.
Oh I know Alibongo - it just wieghs so heavily on my mind. (lol - no pun intended)

I sat my husband down last night, and made him fully aware of what I was going to potentially end up with, and that is saggy skin everywhere. I really wnat him to be prepared not only what I might look like but potentially that I may become even more self conscious of my body then!!

He is wonderfully supportive, and accepts it. He knows how unhappy weight makes me and he just wnats me to be happy in myself, so I am lucky there. But I really am not sure if he has pictured what it might look like!! lol

Well, my other siblings got all the good genes so far, so I am hoping I at least got the good skin genes!! One can live in hope. Proved that enough!! ;)
Hi ANi

AS you know I have replied to your PM about this, but thought I would post my reply here too as others may have the same questions:

"Hi there.....

Welllllllll.....up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago I was feeling pretty happy with the amount of loose skin - it appeared to not be too bad.

BUT - in these last few weeks, I suppose because I am very near to goal - suddenly its VERY loose and crepey. Don't panic - lol - its not like it is dripping down my leg, but it is very very loose indeed. It is just sort of "crepey" and when I move my muscles about, the skin sort of puckers and ripples - lol - its very odd really!!

I feel fairly confident that the amount I am left with will mostly go with work in the gym but will take some time.

It is not a problem at all in clothes, which I was relieved about. In jeans and trousers, it looks like I have a fairly flat tummy! (never seen one of them before! :D)

But nekkid - its another story. BUt - it is FAR FAR better then what was there before, so don;t be too discouraged.

Everyone is different, and I have read more then once that it can take up to a full year for skin to shrink back to its full potential, so we won;t really know for sometime the real results.

Hope that helps! Good luck to you!!! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
This is an interesting post for me also as I had a caesarian and have been left with an "apron" of skin. For years it put me off losing weight as I knew it would be a mess...but as I approach my goal, it's not as bad as I thought and whilst I'll never have a bikini bod, it'll be ok! One day, when I win the lottery I might invest in a tummy tuck but until then I guess it makes me, me and shows what my life has involved!
I told my hubbyt hat Kallin - I told him he has to love every crepey inch of me, that every line and wrinkle in my tummy, or wherever, is a line from my past - and behind those lines and crinkles used to lie a lot of pain. So he has to love them....as they are me, and my "battle scars" . lol

He looked confused. :D I know what I meant!!! :D
Hi Strange BL!! The last couple of weeks my tummy has gone a wee bit saggy!!(I understate this lol!!) I'm off to see the doc on monday to query options in the future cos I do have more flesh than I hoped :eek: Still worth it though!!!:D

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