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  1. blakie

    blakie New Member

    Hello, I'm really new to this so please do bare with me.
    I need to lose round about 8 stone in time for August because I have health issues.
    I would really appreciate a weight lose buddy. I know August is only 7 months away,
    even if your goal is different. Bigger or smaller, longer or short I'd appreciate it.
    I am female, but either gender would be awesome!
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  3. precious

    precious Well-Known Member

    Hey lovely welcome to minis what diet are you following and hows it going?

    there are lots of challenges u can Join on the forum to keep you on track :)

    Good luck :)

  4. Emmie

    Emmie Well-Known Member

    Hey there. And Welcome. There is soooo much support on here :)
    Hope your diets going okay!
  5. sugarbee3346

    sugarbee3346 Member

    Hi i am very new to this too and would be honoured to be your weight loss buddy. which plan are you following?
  6. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Hi Blakie,
    I have just joined here today and really need a friend to lose weight with (I don't really have any proper friends because of health issues). I need to lose about 5 stone, have just completed my first week and only lost 3lb!! I feel like giving up already, such a long road ahead.
  7. bluetack

    bluetack Member

    Hey Blakie,
    I see you joined a week ago so how's it going?
    8 stone is quite a lot to lose in 7 months, thats 4lb a week!
    Why not set smaller targets, maybe aiming for 1-2st by easter, it might just help to keep you focused

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