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Weight or inches?

i agree!
think its more important to me that i look right.gotta be in proportion and look healthy.bugger what the scales say!
it is nice to see the lbs as well as the inches dropping though.keeps you motivated :) x


Size 14 here i come!
soon2byummymummy if you find you get hung up on the weight coming off then maybe you shouldthink about measuring aswell. Trust me if it hadn't been for me dropping inches all over the place the last 2 weeks but only losing 2lb i would have given in for sure.
I guess i'll keep an eye on the inches, definitely... but i know the dropping weight on the scales will motivate me. I have a habit of trying on clothes i used to fit into, and trying to get that button closed! If it gets any closer i'll know lol. x
I think you should measure, the weeks I stayed the same I still lost inches. I lost a total of 45 inches. Now on day 3 re feed and all is well
I like to keep track of both personally.What I learnt when on WW was that even if you lose nothing at a weigh in you are still likely to be losing inches
I have today done the inch thing, I promised myself each stone I would measure... Well the first stone I lost wait for it 6 inches from my body, half an ich here and an inch there, but today I had to call everyone.... I mean me naked in the bedroom checking and re- checking and then smiling.... Get this and no i'm not going mad because i've measured in front of two people now- dont panic I gave birth to one and the other is used to me lol.....
I have lost this month...... 27 inches.... I mean read this ... 27 inches from my body.... oh my gosh I want to scream with pleasure and shock... I so so want to keep this going and finally I am beginning to see the difference...... thats 33 inches in 2 stone, when i'm brave enough i'll post in my diary what inches I was before at one stone and woo hoo today at 2 stone!!!! i'm so happy... so for me its definately the inches
wow thats brilliant. i bet your buzzing with excitement.
well done hun.
:) :)
wow thats brilliant. i bet your buzzing with excitement.
well done hun.
:) :)
I am i'm like a little child with a new toy- just i've lost mine -that was 33 inches lol
hi, i was talking to my mum about this yesterday.Im not to sure what i think i want more. I`m thinking shrinking inches is more inportant to me at the moment because i have already lost 5 stone doing Go Lower, so now i just want to be a nice shape and healthy looking.
Isabel x
Well done!! Good on ya! I have never measured my inch loss before....might give it a try!x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
I believe the inch loss is more important. To be happy with my shape is more important to me than knowing my weight. Everyone carries their weight differently so shape is a better guide than the scales imo.


Size 14 here i come!
Well done samonamission, it's a great feeling isn't it? Kepp it up hun you are doing brilliant!!

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