weight question


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I must admit i've weighed myself every other day and it allways fluctuates , sometimes its .6 then other days its .9 there's a good 4lbs difference,

Ive started my slim fast on Monday and i weighed myself the Sunday at 13.6 then i did again on Monday 13.8 i have done it today again its still 13.8 how do i know what is correct, i been on it 4 days and thought i would be loosing a little bit by now, am i being too quick in asking , i know i should be patient im gonna try not to weigh myself until Monday now i think.

also my tongue is so dry and cracked and lips, im trying to drink lots of water, does this finally go away?
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It is usually best to wait a week to weigh yourself, but I was naughty. Your body can fluctuate around 4lbs in the course of one day (i'm quoting my wii here). Try to stick to it for the first week and hopefully you will get a good result :)


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make sure your weighing yourself at the same time of day, I must admit i'm a scale hopper and weigh myself everyday. Not good really because you can get too obsessive.
Can't help with the cracked lips thingy, you could always ask the slimfast team on the website.
Good luck and let us know how you get on xx