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weights + gym

I've asked this already but I can't remember nor find the thread...I'm starting week 5 means I can go to the gym and finally do weights to tone and prevent loose skin as much as possible :D my questions are: what kind of weights should I do I mean weights, reps and sets etc?
and also regarding other excercise how long before its bad for me and I go into starvation mode?
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Hey there quite a technical question . The size of the weights depends on your actual strength ..,
There are zillions of theories on reps etc ....best advise to ask the gym trainers to give you. Programme ? Re this diet and exercising again the question is a long ad a piece of string depending on your actual
Physical state . Some people manage really substantial exercise programmes...
Others next to nothing ...
Professional advise would be my suggestion unless you are just stsrting to ease in for the first time .
The nhs couch to 5k programme is very good if you are not used to exercise or restarting after a long period .

In my humble opinion :)
I used to do an hour every couple of days, but not weights but last time people suggested the best reps and light or heavy weights, and gave reasons its just I don't want to overdo it and hinder my progress


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I do weights down the gym. The weight itself does vary on person and strength but I'll give you the advice I was given by my personal trainer:
Aim for 4 weight exercises or machines that target your lower body in different ways, 4 that target your upper body in different ways and then one for your abs. You should do reps of 15, have a 30 sec-1 minute break then do another rep of 15 and then a third if you want. The weights should be easy enough that your not struggling from the starts but start to feel the burn after the 10-12 rep and you may struggle getting the 15th but not to the point it really hurts or can't do it. If you can do 15 reps and carry on sraifht away your wrights are too low, if your struggling after 5 reps then they are too high. The break is important as it helps your muscle go back to almost resting then working them again (kinda like how a car uses more fuel to pull away from stand still than if your still moving). If after a few weeks or whatever the weights are getting easier but your not ready to increase then up your reps to 20 each batch. I hope that helps although it's generic advice. Don't push yourself to something that will hurt. Weights are all about the repetition of the movement strengthening the muscle not how much you can lift/press! I would recommend talking to someone at the gym if you go, generally personal trainers with do you a tailored program for a small fee (mine was £25 with 6 week adjustment) with no obligation to actually employ them as a PT.

Good luck! X
so high reps with low weight as opposed to low reps high weight, but not heavy enough is too big a struggle at the end.. so kinda like a little workout where u work but not to the point your just too exhausted like would normally do? and I used to have a pt I went off to uni and went back to the gym at home where he worked he keeps bugging me to buy more I even tried going at 6am!


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Yup that pretty much sums it up - high reps, low weights. Your looking to build muscle not beat them into submission. Like most things it's a slower process but your muscles will build up surprisingly quickly just remember to take tour measurement as it may slow loss on scales but your shape will tone so your losing inches. But again see if you can get a consultation or a program worked up for you. Circuit training and body pump are very good for all over fitness and toning and are ideal is you have a short attention span like me :D hope that helps hun! X


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High Reps, Lighter Weight (12-15 Reps) and 3 Sets = Toning and Endurance.
Low Reps, Heavier Weight (3-6 Reps) and 3 Sets = Bulk Up, Bigger Muscles and Strength.

Remember to take your measurements if you're hitting the gym, as muscles (mass) weighs more than fat. This means that you will gain weight or STS on the scales.

When I lost weight previously, I was in the gym 3 times a week and I stayed at 16 1/2 for 6 months, even though I changed shape.
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I'm not doing weights atm and up until today I was burning between 550-650 calories on the bike, xtrainer and treadmill in an hour session in the gym. Then a core workout routine at home, 20 seconds each exercise with 10 seconds rest inbetween exercises and doing 2-3 sets (can only manage 2 sets at most).

Tonight I've started interval training on the bike. 4 minutes warm up, then the interval bit for 20 minutes and finished with a 4 minute cool down. Burnt 376 calories, but I should have burnt that again (and some) after the session, due to the vast increase in metabolism that interval training boosts. Then a core workout routine at home, 20 seconds each exercise with 10 seconds rest inbetween exercises and doing 2-3 sets (can only manage 2 sets at most).

Interval training is the best method for burning fat, but it's hard work. I did enjoy it though :D

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