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welcome to one of my bestest pals kelly!

happy happy happy day!!x x x

well hello 2 my bestest babe kim!!

i have no idea how this will look cuz im a total technophobe!!so pease dont laff if it doesnt turn out rite!! i am so so so happy at my 5lb weight loss last night...i have been trying so hard for so long but nothing seemed to have worked...but finally i have my head round it now and am so so so happy,i have the biggest smile upon my face today and nothing will take it away!! and bonus...i am wearing some pink river island trousers that were really tight when i bought them and i feel great in them!! well done to kim,she looks amazingly gorgeous and im really proud of her. and thanks marti for ur support!! thanks gem 2!x x x x x x x x x x x x x :p :eek: :p :eek: :p


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S: 17st3.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st8.5lb(9.32%)
well done girls, thats a fantastic weight loss, keep up the good work x
thanks girls!! im so happy!! i can finally see that size 10 on the horizon....only now it doesnt look so bleak!! and thanks to kimmie for sorting out my ticker!!! im the worst computer user in the whole of the world,thanks babes!!!love ya!!!x x x x x
thanks paula.im soo looking forward to being slim and happy again!! iv tried ww so many times with fab results.but unfortunatly put all my weight back on! now i think iv finally cracked it again!yay!! although been a bit naughty this weekend,but iv still got all the way till thurs to rectify myself! which im quietly confident i can do.....she says! but we will see......!!x x x x
a bit naughty this weekend, is and understatement on my part! cant believe what a pig iv been, i can understand myself caving in when im drunk! a cihcken burger after a night of drinking and dancing sounds about fab at the time, to hell with weight watchers i thought! but yesterday i was sober and have no excuse for the amount i actually eaten! i usually fill in my points sheet every day, but i cant even bear to look at it this week! im feeling dead depressed! i really need to be extra good for next three days. trouble is im starving!!! lol!!!xx
aw kim,i have been exactly the same hun!!but like we said we CAN do it!! and if it helps im starving too,just eaten a packet of salt and vinegar snack-a-jacks...so not as good as a huge bacon and egg sandwich for brekkie but alas its nearly lunch time mate!!! my weight watchers chicken,leek and potato soup is beckoning me!! dont give up,come on if I can do it.....anyone can!! and just keep thinking of how gorgeous u looked last week at our meeting...and how happy we were....WE WILL BE HAPPY AT THE NEXT WEIGH IN!!! X X X X X X
ahhhh and now kel has earned herself her sparkly name, (one without a doll) as dolls scare her! but im very proud, she has taken like a duck to water on minimins!! xxxxx
ahhh kim you shudnt have!!your full of compliments!! since when have dolls scared me?ha ha!!v.funny!!!!! a duck to water is an understatement....at the moment this duck wouldnt be taking to water at all....sinking more like with her fat chinese filled belly!! well i have only eaten 2 points all day!! and im not surprizingly hungry!! yay!!! x x x x x x
good good, but do try and eat well kel!! its better for your health. i got my ww eating out guide today i wont even tell u how many points are in prawns alone!! anyway i went and got a pack of cherry toms the other day and there fooking brilliant! there fit and i can snack and snack on them and dont have to worry!" there good for u and suprisingly filling #, so stock up on your toms, im going tesco after work i think to get some more! mmmmm tuna pasta tnite! delish! xxx
very good kim!!youv got the rite attitude havent u doll?! well done. we actually have tomatoes here in work,they are tasty tho arnet they,great tip my friend. well tonights tea for me is chicken,think im getting a morrisions extra tasty,not sure how many points would be in that if i just cut a breast off it n have no skin,and a bag of vegetables,u know the ready bagged ones you shove in the microwave. and a little gravy,now thats wot i call a tasty tea!!xxxx


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What a fantastic start! SO good to have a diet buddy, nothing like a bit of healthy competition.
i totally agree rjlucy and thanks for your support!!and kim is being so supportive of me,shes given me a little kick up the backside today,so i am now feeling strong to carry on. i have made a mistake but cant beat myself up to much...well untill tomorrow at weigh in...eeek! and thats great on the 4lb off a healthy bmi!! iv still got a way to go until i reach mine!!x x x x

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