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Well here goes.....!!

Hi everyone

I am finally taking the plunge and starting the plan tomorrow morning, never been so excited to get to bed and wake up...its like waiting on Santa coming!!!

Its been along time coming and I am desperate to find a plan I enjoy and helps me shift the excess pounds!!

I understand that the plan is going to be difficult and I am going to have days where I feel like giving up but by nature I am quite tenacious so think this will help me get by. I have previously lost over 4 stone following Slimming World so I have experience in the slimming department.

Both my boyfriend (Steve54) and I will be following the plan...don't worry ladies I will try my best to beat him to our targets! We do both have a competitive streak so I think we will be motivated to try and out do one another each week when stepping on the scales.

I am glad I have his support though as I think a good support network makes a difference. That is why we have both decided to post diaries on here, we are hoping with people's hints and tips we will finally reach our goal.

I will update my diary every week with my progress and will be on here most evenings to find out how everyone is getting on in their journeys.

Hopefully speak to you soon!!

Angela xxx
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Hi Angela and Steve

Good luck to you both, 7lbs in 1st week will be no problem if you stick to plan!

Hope it goes well for you both : )


Doing it exante style :)
Hiya Angela and welcome :D

I'm rooting for ya to kick Steves butt ;) hehe
It's great your doing it together. I wish my OH was overweight so he could share my pain lol
Hope your first days going well

Clair xx
Hope its going well for you Angela and Steve....I was on LL last year and lost 85....and during that time a german husband and wife team did it together ...they said it was much easier because there was no goodies in the house or food in the fridge...so I hope that follows true for you....LM Perfect....you and I started at the same weight...the best of luck hun....I will be watching this thread with interest...xxx fireflii


will achieve target
:) Good luck guys hope that you really spur each other on :)
Obviously I'm rootin for the Girls lol but hope you both have an amazing week xxx
Hi Angela, I just wanted to pop in and say hello :) I posted on Steve's diary earlier but I thought I would pop in on yours too.
I'm doing this with my boyfriend too....and yeah, it is way easier when there's two of you doing Exante together - the mutual support and lack of temptation are the best things, but a bit of healthy competition can't be a bad thing either!
It's just a shame that my fella whipped my backside at last week's weigh in - I managed 16.5lbs....but he lost a massive 24lbs!! Hoping to level it up for the girls a bit this Sunday ;)

Hope your first day has gone alright!
Good luck to both of you
Guys always lose much easier than girls because their muscle to fat ratio is higher...just gives me another reason to believe God is a guy...with a poor sense of humour...I mean we do all the hard work and he rewards us by making us put fat on easier...grrr...I hate that...x fireflii
Good morning everyone,

Well this is the start of day 3 and it has been not too bad!! I have had a few sore heads but I think this is only to be expected, drinking loads of water and a few pain killers has sorted it.

The shakes aren't too bad, was expecting worse really. I have tried the chocolate (halved it and had a hot chocolate before bed) and banana (tasted like porridge) flavours. Having a strawberry one this morning, can't wait to see what that tastes like!! First sip of strawberry and it tastes like porridge!! :rotflmao:

I have only tried the vegetable soup and it tasted fine, again expected worse. We have family round for dinner tonight and haven't mention to them that we are on the plan so a little worried about what to cook, does any one have any suggestions?

I have noticed a few comments regarding the vanilla shake and having it with a coffee, being thick but can you tell me if you heat the shake up then add your coffee granules?

Been a little bit cheeky and weighed ourselves this morning - down 6 pounds already!!!!!! Done a wee dance around the bathroom, so happy can't weight for the really weigh in on Wednesday!! Steve has also lost 6 pounds so far so there is still a chance of me beating his ass!! :)

Thank you again for all the posts, really appreciate the support from everyone. Hope you are all getting on great and look forward to hearing from you all.

Angela xxx
Hey Angela you seem to be doing really well so far, keep up the good work!

When I do my vanilla with coffee I make it cold. I put my water into a measuring jug then add the coffee then my shake and whisk well. Dont put the coffee in an already made shake coz it doesn't seem to blend in that way!
You can have it hot too, I just dont like it that way as it makes it taste salty to me (all packs hot taste salty to me!)
I also put a tablespoon of hot water and two sweeteners in mine to start with and when they mix add the rest of the water...the shakes are not so insipid then...and the banana doesnt repeat on me like it did with LL....hope this helps...x fireflii
Hi Everyone

Weigh In night at end week 1 and I am proud to say I have lost 8lbs. Just as I started exante I also started my TOTM, so after reading some of the other girls posts stating this can have a negative effect I am really happy.

Hope everyone else is doing brilliantly. Good luck with your WI's this week.

Wohoooo! that's a great result :) Well done!
Thank you :) I think we've surprised ourselves to be honest!

I think week two was slightly easier than week one actually - we seemed to find our groove a bit really :) I think it's because we'd tried all the products by then and knew what we did and didn't like. And we also got into a routine with 'mealtimes' and worked out how to time them properly so we could make the most of the packs throughout the day.

I think we both thought that weeks two and three would be more difficult because the initial novelty had worn off, but I think seeing the result on the scales spurred us on to keep going.

My only problem at the moment is my growling belly! I know I'm in ketosis because I've been testing myself, but it just won't give up! Funnily enough though, I'm not really craving food when my stomach is rumbling...so I guess that's progress!

How do you feel going into your second week?

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