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Well - I've started it!!!


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Well - day 1 is nearly over and I've survived it so far without any problems at all.

I'm Lesley, 40 and have a daughter -13 and son - 11. I was really skinny until the age of 18. I left home to live in the nurses home and started to pile weight due to rubbish food, working shifts and eating at odd times, no exercise and discovering alcohol!!! Since then, I've gradually grown and grown and grown until I've reached 17 1/2 stone. I've been this weight now for about 2 years. I've not put any more on but I've not lost any either. I don't know what's happened but suddenly I've decided that enough is enough and I need to do something drastic! I'm very lucky as I've got a really supportive husband - we met when I was 16 so he's known me from being skinny to being this weight. He just wants me to be happy so will support me every step of the way on this long journey.

So today I started. I woke up feeling starving which made me even more determined to do well. My delivery wasn't going to come until I was at work so I had bought a ready made Tesco strawberry shake for work. I don't think I'll have any problems with the fluid intake as I drink plenty anyway. I've only bought the soups and shakes from Exante and will be using the bars from Tesco's.

I've managed fine today - I had the shake for lunch and half the bar late afternoon. Both very sweet but I did find the bar tasty. I cooked dinner for 9 - my sister, her children and my mum came for tea. I had the exante vegetable soup which I mixed with a Blenderball cup that I'd bought in preparation for this. The soup is a little bland but with freshly ground black pepper, I found it quite pleasant. I've had the rest of the bar this evening and only feel a little peckish now. Looking forward to seeing how things go tomorrow.

Sorry for such a long post - I think I'll need to keep a diary to remind me why I'm doing this and how I feel at the different stages. I'm determined to do well - I've been inspired by the fabulous stories and support on here and know that this will spur me on :)

Off to bed now - good luck to us all xxx
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Well done on your first day espcially as you had to cook for the family stay strong you can do this.
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Good luck


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Hi Farwin.
You made me laugh. I too remember moving into the nurses flats when I started my training and discovering junk food and alcohol!!! Those were the days!! :):):):)
Well done on getting through day one. Good luck. Marie. xx


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S: 17st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st11lb(10.2%)
Thanks to you all for your lovely words - it really helps knowing that others are in the same position and are winning the battle :)

Well - day 2. Can't believe how easy it is so far. I even managed to resist temptation when making shepherd's pie for the rest of the family - normally I'd be 'testing' it and munching on the grated cheese throughout. I didn't have anything - felt really smug with myself.

Had the vanilla shake first - tried it warm with coffee. It was ok but a little sweet - next time, I'll make it with much more water to thin it down - hopefully it won't be quite as sweet. Busy day, (as usual!). Went to the school uniform shop to collect the last bits and pieces for the kids and then watched my son pass his grading for yellow belt in Karate - felt very proud of him :) I had a bottle of Coke Zero whilst watching him - it was really quiet and my tummy was really loud:eek: Some of the other parents gave me a funny look and my daughter asked me did i have an off switch!!! Strangely enough though, I wasn't hungry:confused:

I had the tomato soup for tea - added some black pepper and fresh basil. Quite tasty but can't beat Heinz:D

I had half the tesco chocolate bar as a mid afternoon snack and the rest for an evening snack. I'm not a big chocolate fan but it reminded of the Rice Krispie cakes you make with the kids. Again, I've not had any problems with the fluid intake - don't really have to think about it.

I feel really positive and am really looking forward to seeing and feeling the results of this - a long way to go but right now I feel I can do it:D

Well, off to bed now - goodnight all xxx
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I half the shakes in coffee, or sometimes third them....it makes it less sweeter :)
You are doing fab :D


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Thanks for the tip Marge - I'll do that next time :) You've done brilliantly - well done x (love your ultimate goal :) )

Day 3 - another good day! Had half the Tesco raspberry bar for breakfast - mmm, I do like it! Had the banana shake for lunch - lovely and creamy and not too 'bananary' (if that makes sense???). For tea, I had Thai Chicken soup - I added a few chilli flakes and black pepper and made it quite a bit thinner - it was really tasty :)

I've made chicken curry and rice for the rest of the clan and didn't feel tempted as I was looking forward to my soup :) Never thought I'd ever say that!

I find it a bit harder on a Sunday to get as much fluid as every other day due to various stuff. Have still managed to get plenty though and feel fine.

I think I'm becoming addicted to minimins though! I keep finding myself just checking on the threads and reading how well everyone else is doing - it's really heartwarming.

My hubby is fantastic - he keeps checking that I'm ok and do I need any more drinks etc. He's offered to do the cooking but that won't help me - I need to carry on with normality and know that I can do without the food that everyone else can eat. I'm very lucky:D

Well, I'm off to bed now, ready to get up for another week of work. Not decided yet what to have - I'll leave that decision until the morning.

Good night all and sweet dreams xx
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I love minimins :D
There are worse things to be addicted to ;)
And it really does help you keep on track :D


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Day 4 and I'm still going :D I'm getting worried - it's feeling too easy. I think I might be close to ketosis as I'm hardly getting any hunger pangs. In fact, after having the chocolate shake as hot chocolate for lunch at work, I felt really full :) What a lovely feeling - only a couple of people at work know I'm doing this and they're really supportive. One colleague did Lighterlife nearly 3 years ago, lost over 7 stone but has put it all back on, mainly because of illness. She's now better and is thinking of starting Exante after her holidays. I'm not bothered about people at work knowing but I'm not making a big deal of it either.

I had the mushroom soup for tea - or should it be mmmmmmmmmmmushroom. I really enjoyed it with some black pepper. I'm now making the soups with more water as they are less 'gloupy' that way and more tasty. I've also had the Tesco chocolate bar and loads of fluids.

I'm feeling great - just shows that I don't need the bread and potatoes that I usually crave - I'm not missing them at all. I know it's still early days but I'm determined to do this and if I carry on visiting minimins and seeing how well everyone else is doing, then I'm really hoping to do this.

Well - off to bed again now. Big day tomorrow - son starts high school - makes me feel so old - both children now in high school - not sure how that's happened:confused:

Good night all and good luck for tomorrow xxx
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Another good day well done you are sure on a roll please send me some of your motivation oh if we could only bottle it up when things are goin well to use when they are not xx


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S: 17st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st11lb(10.2%)
Day 5 - harder day today. I had a feeling it would be but I've got through it and tomorrow will be much better.

Part of the problem is that I wasn't working today. I was off as I had to take my daughter to school for a 30 minute target setting appointment - that was at 9.40am and then we had the rest of the day free as my son was at school all day - first day of high school! After doing a bit of shopping with my daughter, we drove home but stopped off at McD's drive through - all the way home, the smell of the fries were torturing me - I could almost hear them saying- 'c'mon - eat me - you know you want to' Well, I resisted and feel proud of myself as it would've been so easy to just have 1 - which would have led to 2, then led to me eating all of them!!! Luckily I didn't :)

However, all afternoon whilst my daughter was on upstairs messing about on her computer, I couldn't stop thinking about food and I was absolutely starving! My stomach was rumbling and I could have eaten anything - so much for being in ketosis:mad: I think I must be on the brink by now - I am colder at times but I've not had any headaches or feeling any more tired than usual and I physically felt hungry today. I took the great words of advice of the great people on here and kept myself busy. It was hard but I've come through it :)

It's lovely seeing all the words of support to everyone on here - it really does make a difference. I even thought that I can't have a frie because then I'd have to 'confess' it here - great way to stop!

Tomorrow is another day and back at work so am sure I'll be much better.

Good night all xxx
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Hi Lesley, I just wanted to pop in and say hi - I'm on my first week at the moment, so I'm in the same boat as you - trying all the different procucts and working out how I can best enjoy them.
I really didn't like the vanilla shake the first time I had it - it was way too sweet and creamy for me. So tonight I made a cup of strong coffee and stirred in half a vanilla shake, and the result was almost like a latte...very nice indeed!! Think this is a big breakthrough for me, as I was really struggling with the shakes. It also means I've got the other half to use another time :)
Sounds like you're doing great though, it's so hard to resist the hunger pangs and cravings when they hit you. I'm sure my house is going to be like showhome by the time I've done a few weeks on Exante, because I keep distracting myself with cleaning, and sorting out cupboards!!
Good luck with your first weigh in, and with your Exante journey in general :)
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I am soooo glad you got through a difficult day:D.
It really does help you stay positive, knowing that you actually can do it :)
Busy is definately the key on days you are not working. :)
Good for you on beating temptation. Every time you beat that bad boy you make him weaker and you stronger! Sorry you are still feeling a bit hungry, I do even in ketosis so you may well be in ketosis. Make sure you are drinking all your water. If you feel hungry have more water and/or brush your teeth - it helps and also keeps your dentist happy. Take care!


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Day 6 today - much better than yesterday. Still feeling a bit hungry at times but back at work and mad busy - best way :)

A couple of people noticed today that I wasn't eating 'normal' food - I explained that I was on Exante to boost me into losing weight and that I'm not planning on making a big deal of it. They were suprised when they heard I was on Day 6 and that they hadn't noticed :D They both wished me good luck which I thought was nice of them.

I'm not missing the choice of food yet - from reading other posts, hopefully this will continue. I agree with others - at the moment it's quite liberating not to have to think - it's certainly what I need right now. I'm still drinking plenty and so far, not had any problems with constipation - long may that continue :D

Anyway, off to bed again now - thanks for all the lovely words of support - it really does make a difference xxx

Good luck for tomorrow everyone xxx
S: 20st7.5lb C: 20st6lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.52%)
Thats excellent Farwin...
Just keep plodding along the way you have.... before you know it, you will have a month done under you belt :D

How much do you need to lose ?


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S: 17st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st11lb(10.2%)
Morning all. I'd like to lose about 6 stone in total Marge. I'll get round to adding my goals, stats etc at some stage. My first goal was to get through day one which I've done, my second is to get through week 1 - nearly done:D I'd like to lose a minimum of 5lbs in this first week but any loss is a loss so I'll be happy when I weigh in tomorrow. I know it's going to be a long journey but it'll be worth it.

It's the support on here that convinced me to do this in the first place - reading how everyone else has done/is doing really does motivate me into thinking that I can do it too:D

Marge - you've done brilliantly - long may it continue xx

Well, off to wake the kids up now.

Have a good day and good luck xxx


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