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Well **** me sideways.....


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I can't bloody believe it. The Hunny Monster with back boobs at work that keeps insulting this diet has just given me a compliment!

She said "You can really notice you're losing weight, i think you're doing brilliant."

This coming from the woman who said "5lbs? Is that all. I would expect to lose more than THAT in a week if i wasn't eating."

Maybe she's thinking about starting too?
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Haha - feels good doesn't it :D

Mockers can do one... LT works wonders :)


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She's just been back in asking questions about the diet. She's well gonna start it i reckon lololol that will make my f**king day if she does. She's clearly seeing how great the results are from my shrinking fat arse! :D
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WOW! LOL! Thats pretty cool! You really must be looking sooo good for her to pass comment in a positive way.... she must be eating her words instead of cake! :) lol xox


Loving LT!!!
THAT is SOOOOO funny, just laughed out loud!!! Oooh I'm such a female dog! love it when that happens, my huge, he/she, back boob, honey monster friend went on it and lasted 2 weeks:eek:!!!
T x
S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
Had to read the thread when i saw the title!!! Avoiding one friend for a few weeks so i can flaunt my new figure in front of her, she tried lipotrim and lasted half a day saying it could not be healthy. Like eating chinese take away every night is????!!!


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FAB........isn't that a great feeling. My mums friend kept telling me 'you'll gain all the weight back as soon as you start eating'. She looks disappointed everytime she sees me. She always asks.....have you gained....and I say NO!!!!!!!!!! I think she is my determination to keep the weight off.

I'm so pleased for you hun. Mind you, it must have taken some humble pie eating for her to approach you. That is a real compliment hun. Good on ya. xx
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Yay! Well done Vickie for looking so hot she has hopefully decided to start!



Eloquent hooligan
S: 14st13lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.66%)
Amazes me how negative some people can be... it's almost as if they *want* you to fail grrrrr

Ironically these people don't realise they are the most inspirational in a f-you kinda way ;)


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ha ha, people like that are definately my motivation, people who think it's gonna fail & try to put it down. They just make you want to do it twice as much! i think you've made it look easy to her!


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even if she did start she wudn't have the willpower to stick to it. she can't stick to a 1200 cal a diet the consultant at the hospital put her on so she isn't likely to stick to 450 cals. serves her right for being such a bint in the first place!!

and your right hun, people like her ARE an inspiration with a big fat middle finger sticking out of it!! xx


Says it as it is!!!
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Vic... you have such a way with words hun...fecking love it!! I laughed soooo muchi nearly wee'd (tena lady alert!!)
Don't you just love it, when people have to admit they are wrong!!! xx

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