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Well... What are you all up to tonight?


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Bored too! Feeling hungry all day and just a tad sorry for myself so think I'll head up for an early night. I am tired big time. Busy day tomorrow with MORE rugby in the afternoon! Yipee!

Nite all!


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol!! I was deciding between i robot and about a boy... decisions decisions lol!!!
Im bored with tv tonight, thats why I am back on here and facebook, I have let other half have the sky box so boxing is on now - yawn yawn.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol!! Thats the problem with movies on TV, its always repeats!!!!
Arent men easily pleased though. Hubby says he has not watched it before but we have watched it togther loads of times. Have you started your refeed?


I will be skinny again!!!
Haha!! yours sounds like mine... Head like a goldfish lol!!!

Nah start on monday!! Im actually looking forward it now!! cant wait til day 4 now to have my pitta :)

How are you getting on?


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Ah im joining your club! Am bored too! Just watched dirty dancing now the bf has football on .... great! lol

Went and saw marley and me today at the cinema - great film - quite sad though :(

God a banging headache today - first time on this diet so may have an early night!!


I will be skinny again!!!
ooooo i really want to go see that but Chris wont go with me after i dragged him to "hes just not that into you" So Im no longer allowed to pick the films lol
I want to watch both of those films. Im doing ok. I have really struggled this week. I feel ok now but my mouth is so dry and i am having 4 litres of water day.hubby wants me to finish this week really. I so want to carry on though but have promised i will eat on mothers day to save all the earache.


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Another bored one here!!! Feeling a bit irritable too. Probably because I had a sneaky hop onto the scales before and I weigh exacty the same as I did on them last Monday when I got back from chemist after WI.... so not looking too good for Monday!! DON'T shout at me I KNOW!!!!!!!!! :(

Going to bed soon .......


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ahhh chuck your scales out!!!

Marley and me is a proper chick flick though!! lol


I will be skinny again!!!
aaaah Jan!! I wont shout but you know what I think about sneaky weigh ins!!

Might see if any of the girlies wana go and see it!!

And if you are eating on mothers day just dont eat carbs and you will be fine x
Bored and tired here....
Been working this evening and now I'm watching VanHelsing. Well day 6 nearly over I'm so excited for my WI Monday. Fingers crossed and good loss as I haven't cheated at all and have been drinking lots of water. You all inspire me soooo much, Emz.x


I will be skinny again!!!
YOu will do great emma!! and well done for getting this far :) It gets sooo much easier after the first week!!
Thanks hun, Hope so, I started LT a month ago lasted one full week shakes and water only and then came down with the flu so went back onto food, but then last monday exactly a month on the pharmisist said i'd lost 1/2stone,WOOPWOOP.
Thanks again for the support, speak soon Emz.
Hi guys,

have to say I had a great time Saturday playing Pokimo with sis-in-law and her friends and family (women) It was fantastic, just steered clear of the kitchen with all the scrummy goodies lurking there! Its a real fun game where you have a "theme" say, hand-made & home-made, everyone then brings something along in that theme (£10.00 value), wrapped up nicely and you play a sort of bingo game using playing cards.....has anyone else hear of this game? Its a fun way to get together with your girly friends and rels.. Next person to hold one is having a theme, "electrical"....cant wait for that one!!!

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