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Wendie SHD..


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Well I started the Wendie plan on tuesday, have done well eating my points, 19 tuesday, 18 yesterday, but today is my SHD- 28 points and im just not as hungry as i usually am.. typical. Do i have to eat all 28 points? so far i've eaten

Pancake - 1.5 points

Pitta 2
philadelphia cheese 1.5

that leaves me with 23 points left for the day..

Trust this to happen on this day of all! gr :mad:
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That was what i was going to do, although i planned it for today as was going out to eat with friends later, but my appitite is back now so will keep it as today. I banged my forehead quite hard on the door this morning before taking my dd to school, so im blaming that for the loss of appitite for a while. Going for a pizza so hopefully will use my points up well. Thanks :)
Oh gosh, hope your heads alright sweet


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i saw stars lol..its ok now,but sporting a big red mark that my foundation isnt covering.. grrr nice one! lol
ahhh bless ya hope you are okay......
Please would you mind explaining how to do this again as Ive forgotten?Thanks Im on 23 points a day and weigh-in mondays?
:confused::eek: thanx xx
Sorry but I just HATE the whole Wendie plan thing. Its not a proper WW plan its made up by someone called Wendy... what qualifications does she have to make a variation on a WW plan - NONE.

Its like me saying to you oh eat 3 meals a day then use all your remaining points on Chocolate and calling it the Starlight plan... just cos it worked for her doesnt make it a proper approved plan. If it was effective and healthy why dont WW market and promote the idea of low days and high days themselves :mad:

Sorry - just my opinion but as far as I can see if youre going to follow a diet - follow it, dont go making up your own rules
Ah the stralight plan sounds yummy can I have crisps instead of choc ;) yes thats very true suppose wendy should ask ww before promoting her idea?
I will do as you say stick at what Im doing dont fancy a really low day atm lol Thanks :)x


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Gonna stick it out, and see what happens.what harm can it do? lol.. ive stayed the same weight for the past 3 weeks so worh a try :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Its not really helthy though is it? WW promotes healthy eatingand portion controls. This variation promotes binge eating :confused: so your stomach wont shrink to accomodate for less food and you will eventually start to be hungry on your "low point days"


Yes Shabba but the Wendy plan is designed just for one week, not a long term plan. I have done Wendy and it has kick started my losses again. I say everyone to their own and just because WW don't endorse the Wendy plan, doesn't mean it is wrong. Surely we are all adults on here and responsible for our own weight gains so surely we should be allowed to choose how to try to get rid of it without the WW police breathing down our necks? If the Wendy plan worked for someone else where is the harm in trying it yourself, you never know it might just kick start losses again.
I totaaly agree with Gerry TBH we dont have to eat all our points in one day we can save 4 a day and have on another so in those terms its not really off plan,I think if I stick I would try to do it and se if it helps me too x fingers crossed it will x


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Exactly Old before i die :)
I will only be doing this for one week as i said ive stayed the same weight for 3 weeks now so trying it to see if it can kickstart the weight loss again. I know many people it's worked for, many have suggested i try it, which is why i am.
Im not bingeing, im eating sensibly, just a couple of extra potatoes say..
It's my low point day today, i've everything planned out. Ive been up since 6am with the kiddies and feel really positive.. :)
Its not really helthy though is it? WW promotes healthy eatingand portion controls. This variation promotes binge eating :confused: so your stomach wont shrink to accomodate for less food and you will eventually start to be hungry on your "low point days"
Exactly!! Cutting your points and then eating loads is a total contradiction to what WW is promoting
without the WW police breathing down our necks? .
Didnt see any sign of the WW police Gerry :confused: A lot of people are under the misapprehension that the Wendy plan is a proper WW plan - its not. And so long as everyone has the correct knowledge about these things before they make a decision to go onto it then thats fair enough but a lot of people arent aware of that.

If people have all the facts then ofcourse its up to them whether they want to try it or not
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i think each to their own giving it a try wont do much harm and if it works good for you, if not the worst that could have happened is u gained a bit...

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