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Wetherspoons, I just don't get it?

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How can the syns values be so high for things like jacket potatoe and steak? I understand that the steak may have been cooked in some oil and the jacket may or may not have had fat injected, but still the syns value are huge?
Oil syns don't come out that high surely?
I don't undertand it, and it puts me off eating out as you may order a steak and jacket from a pub, and be consuming loads of extra syns that you didn't even know about:confused:
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A tablespoon of oil is 6 syns, imagine how much oil they use when frying steak!
S: 16st1lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st6lb(2.67%)
I know 6 syns is a lot, but surely they wouldn't use much more than 3 tablespoons to cook a steak, and that would only come to 18 syns, not the silly amounts quoted in the SW book.
It's not how much oil they use to fry the steak. It's something to do with how much oil etc they put in the jackets. There's been a few threads on this before and there may be something in the Wetherspoons eating out thread.

They may use 3tsps to cook the steak but the steak doesn't absorb that much oil (just like a friend egg is only half a syn due to the amount it doesn't absorb!).

All wetherspoons food is pre packaged, including the potatoes, they just nuke them before serving.
Last time i was on SW i ate out a lot and would have chicken or steak and jacket potato with peas/salad and it never hurt me or my weight losses. I never used to syn it unless there was dressing on the salad/butter on the potato which i added, i'd syn them. You still gotta eat and its your main meal, just enjoy and balance it out with a healthier meal the next day. :)
I've just had a quick look at the nutritional info on the WS site, a jacket pot and beans has 16.5g of fat per serving. What does that tell you? Hidden nasties me thinks!!


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I can see you're a little frustrated about it, and to be honest I don't really know the answer, but they aren't "silly amounts quoted in the SW book" they are accurate according to the nutritional content of what is put on your plate and the rules of SW as decided by their chief scientists.

If you want to kick off about how high it is, I think your fight should be with Wetherspoons. They are the ones who are clearly overloading their plates with crap and making what seems a healthy meal very unhealthy.

Having said that though, when I am going out for the night as a treat, wherever it may be, I save a few syns from the previous days, and go syn free on the day in question. Then just eat what I want without counting syns. It is only one meal out of 21 and it won't do too much damage, and it means you can enjoy the evening for what it is instead of worrying about the diet.

I'd be interested to know what makes it so high though.

Good luck :)
S: 16st1lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st6lb(2.67%)
Im hardly kicking off about it, just curious as to how it is that high? Neither am I doubting what the SW book says, if it says that it must be accurate!
I will just avoid going there for meals in the future.
I'm going out tomorrow night, and will happily use syns for Nandos chicken, I just wouldn't want to be caught out having something that I thought was free when it wasn't.


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I don't think the syn values are the only reason not to eat at a Wetherspoons! I cannot imagine their food being top notch! In fact I imagine it being loaded with sugars and fats that should not be in the food - hence the high syn values.
S: 16st1lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 0st6lb(2.67%)
Tia1976, the syns are in the SW food directory that you can buy from class. It also lists Indian and Chinese takeaway syn values amongst others.
I won't tell you what I call foods from these sort of pubs as it's quite rude but I do try to avoid them if at all possible.

The best thing to have at WS if you have to eat there is the 5 bean chilli and rice but to be honest, it's a glorified and overpriced ready meal, they just microwave it!


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Now ive spoken to my sw consulatant who has contacted head office on many occasions about the whole jacket an beans thing and they have said that if you have jackent and beans and instruct them not to use butter that is exactly what u will get. They can not inject them with oil because the FSA would not allow them to do so with out stating on the menu! Some people could be alergic to what ever they put tin there!

With regards to the 16gs of fat in a jacket and beans as stated on the WS site. When you order the jacket and spud it comes with a sachet of butter and a dressed side salad! So thats where the gs of fat come from!

hope that helps any of you guys

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gunna be a fatty for ever
S: 17st4lb C: 16st7lb G: 14st3lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st11lb(4.55%)
Thanks jay lou!

I suspect the reason the steaks r so high in syns is due the hidden fats in the meal eg the fat isnt trimmed off, salad dressing butter for potato. Because its easy to not notice them!

They must use a little oil to cook the steak i do agree it can not all stick to it the surely its the same as a fried egg! ANy how im gunna stick to eating at home lol


ps thanks for the rep
i think your post is good you dont always no why they are so many syns in food without realising it we had this discushion in group about hidden syns but one thing that does kinda bug me you say they aint allowed to inject the food unless stated which is fair enough but when you buy a fresh chicken from the hot counter they inject it with oil and yet there isnt a sign saying we inject our chickens just a thought
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I have eaten out quite a lot since I've been on SW, but never at Wetherspoons.

I have lost every week, and this has been my rule:
Melon or spare rib starter,
Spaghetti bolognaise main;
Gammon, pinepapple, JP and peas main;
Chicken/ fat free meat and tomato based sauce with veg main;
Massive carvery with every meat (fat cut off) and every veg except roasties.

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