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Wetherspoons jacket potatoes ...

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We all know that a jacket is a pretty safe bet on SW when eating out, but I have heard time and time again that Spoons' jackets aren't good as they do this that and the other to them.

Anyone know with any authority if there is any truth in the stories or is a jacket spud from there as good as one made at home?

cheers :)
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A councillor who was visiting my meeting last week to help my councillor start the card based system told us that many restaurants such as Brewers Fayre buy their food pre-prepared from places like Brake Brothers. The "baked" potatoes are baked. The flesh is scooped out. The skins are deep fried then re-filled with made up powdered mash then put back together. The restaurants then deep fry them to serve. I think she said they were either 39 or 49 syns!! We were horrified. Apparently that info came from head office although my councillor hadn't heard about it but she is quite new.

She also told us that Tesco and Asda inject their rotisserie chickens with fat to make them juicy!! Which does explain why the one I had from Morrisons last week was so dry in comparison.

Scary huh!!


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and then deep fried!
I have just been through all the SW website listings for meals involving a JP at Wetherspoons. The syn values vary wildly from about 26 syns to over 50. To me, that indicates that there is nothing to worry about in the Jacket Potato, because some of the meals come in at less than 39 syns. ALL of the options with JP seem to be very high syn anyway though so it may be worth just avoiding Wetherspoons.


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My understanding is that Wetherspoons deep fry their potatoes - I am not sure about the scooping out of the flesh. This information came from my consultant who knew someone who worked within Wetherspoons. She said that you need to be careful when you read the menu - you should only trust when they say baked potato rather than jacket.

I did have a JP at a Hungry Horse the other week and the skin was soft and it was clear that it had only been microwaved!!
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Any Jacket Potato I've had at any Wetherspoons have never ever looked or tasted like they've been fried! And wouldn't you notice and taste the grease? And I had one last Sunday and lost 3lbs last week so there can't be that much wrong with them lol
Someone mentioned on the eating out forum bit that they were microwaved and then crisped up in the deep fat fryer! Lets all ask wetherspoons x
To be honest I think this is an urban legend that has got out of hand.

If a jacket potato was deep fried you would know about it, the skin for one would be rock hard and the inner would be swimming in grease.

I do believe wetherspoons buy them in pre cooked, but I don't for one minute believe they have ever been near a deep fat fryer.

You just need to look at the nutrional information on their website for the jackets with butter and dressing omitted, the nutrional information works out exactly the same as what it would do if you baked the potato yourself and add the certain filling.
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I think this is such a silly rumour! I have had JPs from wetherspoons, and I am intelligent enough to know they were not deep fried! No grease or oil whatsoever on my plate being one big sign! My plate would be swimming if it had been anywhere near a deep fat fryer.

As for restuffing them, why would they remove real potato then stuff with smash? Makes no sense. Plus, instant mash is free anyway.
Just in reply to the lady who said its best to avoid Wetherspoons all together - they do a gorgeous five bean chilli which is 4.5 syns on green/EE and I would always choose that over a jacket potato there anyway :)
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Just in reply to the lady who said its best to avoid Wetherspoons all together - they do a gorgeous five bean chilli which is 4.5 syns on green/EE and I would always choose that over a jacket potato there anyway :)
It is reallly nice and I think that the 4.5 syns comes from the tortilla chips that are served with it.

Make sure you ask for yellow basmati rice though!
Yeah, I had forgotten about the chilli, coz it's not listed under the "with jacket potato" meals that I was looking at. One meal choice off a whole menu is better than nothing I suppose.
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We had a member who worked for Wetherspoons and she confirmed that the spuds were fried before they are delievered and then they whacked em in a microwave, which is why they can serve them so quickly and yet still have a crispy skin. I have had one there before and it was disgusting! I think the chilli that someone mentioned is the only thing my C recommends in a Wetherspoons as everything else is very high in syns
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