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What are all the veggies eating?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by txrawl, 11 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    I am a vegetarian, and my diet is fairly boring! Quorn, and jacket potatos-oh, and baked beans!! What is everyone else doing for main meals on green days? Any suggestions happily received!!!
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  3. Liannioso

    Liannioso Silver Member

    Do you eat any fish or prawns?

    The veggie lasagne on the recipe thread looks lovely
    Quorn chilli and rice
    Stuffed peppers
    Lots of things you can do with eggs
    Quorn with pasta n sauce for an easier option
    veggie stirfry
  4. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    Thanks for that-I will go onto the recipe page! Tracey x
  5. Sparky64

    Sparky64 Member

    Hi Tracy,

    I'm not vegetarian but tend to have more green than red day's as i find i can eat more :) and it's more filling.

    I eat baked potatoes, salad's, baked bean's, cottage cheese,pasta and sauce,savoury rice,(not sure if they are suitable for vegetarians tho). I love mushy peas (with slimming world chips).

  6. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat

    Hiya Tracy, I have a lot of smash pizza with different toppings, make things like, potato and chickpea curry, lentil shepards pie, and quiche thing is not to get bored,good luck
  7. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    Thanks that is great. What is smash pizza? And do you have a recipe for the curry-sounds great!
  8. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat

    Make up smash with boiling water, but make it quite firm.
    Place on a baking tray that has been sprayed with frylight, spray top of base with frylight too and put in really hot oven until golden and cripsy...turn over and do the same.
    When "cooked", spoon over some passata mixed with garlic and mixed herbs. Add chopped onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn and peppers and other free foods to top and cover with allowance of grated cheese. Put back in oven until cheese has melted and serve!

    you can change the toppings everyday, I usually use 2 HEX b 84g light cheese and it makes a big pizza . I cant take the credit for recipe, think mrs V posted it,
    chickpea and chopped potatoes ,onions,tinned tomatoes,tomato puree,curry powder ,salt and pepper,cook for 30 mins,till potatoes soft and add loads fresh corinander 5 mins before serving really simple food,serve with wholegrain rice,let me know how you get on
  9. txrawl

    txrawl Full Member

    Will do. Thanks for that, cant wait to try it!
  10. Sarah2009x

    Sarah2009x Full Member

    Hi, I'm not veggie but my hubby is so we mainly eat veggie meals, i'll list a few below and if you want more details let me know.

    Quorn spaghetti bolognese
    Mixed bean chili & rice/noodles/jacket potato
    Tofu/veg stir-fry
    Fried eggs, chips & beans
    Quorn sausages, chips & mushy peas
    Quorn cottage pie & veg
    Mixed veg & quorn casserole thingy
    Omelette & salad
    Pasta quiche & salad
    Quorn/veg tikka & rice
    Creamy mushroom sauce & pasta
    Vegetable tagine & couscous

    I try and mix it up a bit so we're not having quorn all the time!x
  11. JennyPiccolo

    JennyPiccolo Full Member

    get into soups!

    i made one a couple of weeks ago with broccoli, leeks, celery and onions. Chuck it all in a big pot with parsley and salt and pepper, and when all the veg is cooked, put in your skimmed milk allowance and a spoonful of mustard. It's really tasty.

    or make one with butternut squash, carrots, red peppers and fresh chillies, and serve with natural yoghurt.
  12. Sophs

    Sophs SW Angels founder member

    For quickness mugshots. I also love baked pots and cheese and beans on toast :p
  13. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Like a lot of the others, I'm not veggie but we have a lot of veggie meals - both for cheapness and satisfaction!

    We love risotto, with peas and leek or peas and broad bean. Mixed bean chilli is so easy - a few tins of different beans, tin of toms and some veg and chilli and can be served with rice, pasta or jackets or even on it's own!
    Egg chips and mushy peas or beans is fab!!!
    Minestrone soup with beans, peas, pasta, carrots, tin toms etc is so filling and a big pan does about 6 meals in our house, serve with a HE brown bread roll
    I love chickpea and spinach curry too but OH doesn't like spinach so I have to add this to mine at the end!!
    Hope this helps - I love green days :)
  14. DearFatty

    DearFatty Silver Member

    I am vegetarian and don't eat quorn so my choice is narrowed again but I am never short of things to eat. In the last week the kind of meals I have had are bubble and squeak with egg and beans, cheese topped bangers and mash pie (I use linda mccartney sausages), veggie curry and rice, mushroom balti, a veggie chilli and veggie burgers with savoury rice. I tend to not eat a lot of pasta because I think for me it hinders my weight loss. If you go to class a fab book to get is 100 green recipes, it is only £2.95 and worth every penny. Online is also good for searching for recipe ideas.
  15. elizabeth

    elizabeth Silver Member

    Couldn't agree more! They're so healthy, filling and bloody cheap into the bargain. Go to allrecipes.com or the BBC Good Food sites and you'll find loads of delicious soup recipes. Experiment with your own mixtures of pulses and veg - stock up on your herbs and spices and just have a go.
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