What are the first 3 things...

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Starlit_Cazza, 16 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    ...you'll buy to wear once you reach your target weight?

    1)I want to buy myself a pretty, fitted dress! Not sure where I am going to wear it yet, but that's irrelevant
    2)Skinny jeans!!! Even jeans that aren't stretchy in any way!!!
    3)Knee high boots!!! High heeled knee high boots at that! That I don't have to buy from Evans just so they fit my calves!

    Was trying to add some pics but it's not playing for some reason!
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I have a feeling if ever I get to target weight, I may end up growing old ungraciously.

    1) Bikini (not sure this will ever happen, as I doubt the skin will be up to it, but I can live in hope and compromise on a tankini (and have no fear that the bottoms roll down and the top rolls up.... attractive!)
    2) Denim mini skirt (for the beach)
    3) ... I am with you on the boots. How lovely to pick up any pair of knee highs and have them fit.
  4. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    1. A Lipsy dress . I love some of their stuff!
    2. Shorts . Not short shorts - just not be stuck with 3/4 lengths in the summer!
    3. Boots - The only ones I wear are UGG as they are the only ones that fit :)
  5. fairy-mary

    fairy-mary Full Member

    Here goes........
    (1) high waisted trousers!! I always like the look
    Of them ! But to wear them with out the threat of looking 6 months pregnant
    (2) a nice silk top. Without the threat of wobble underneath
    (3) a bikini!!! Although its a stretch. We all need a goal!!!
  6. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    Mine are ........

    Denim skirt -not mini but short ish
    Nice fitted coat rather than my tent :)
    And also boots im wearing ones from Evans too at minute
  7. TheGirl

    TheGirl Full Member

    1/ ripped and washed out river island jeans low tight and sexy
    2/ sexy underwear for my husband
    3/ big platforms and wedges that dont make me look like im going to fall over and my feet look tiny
    4/ a white dress that looks funky sexy and glows in the uv light when i dance all night

  8. LMS

    LMS Full Member

    1 I'm definitely with you on the knee high boots, cannot wait to be able to pick any pair I like. Even willing to spend a fortune on them :)

    2 have the confidence to wear a pretty dress on a night out and have my (skinny) legs in show

    3 same as everyone get onto a bikini...booking holiday soon hopefully :)

    Hope everyone's doing well x
  9. ann

    ann Member

    New jeans!!! That fit and don't have a tummy hanging over!!

    I need to tone up for a bikini!!

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  10. fairy-mary

    fairy-mary Full Member

    I'm doing 5-10 minutes if kettle bells a day at home. Doesn't sound much but I can feel it working. Ill increased as I move up the steps. I can't get to a class as kids too little so I got them from amazon and follow technique off you tube on my iPad! I want to be toned as well as slimmer for that bikini!!! ;)
  11. ann

    ann Member

    Good idea.

    I really need to motivate myself!!

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  12. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    (1) Sexy undies. :D I'm sick to the back teeth of dull, badly fitting bras and mummy pants (to hold it all in, LOL)

    (2) A cocktail dress or ballgown (maybe both?). No place to wear either - but I'll find somewhere!

    (3) Gotta be knee high boots. :)
  13. lisalouise_14

    lisalouise_14 Full Member

    Hello :)
    1. Bikini ( holiday to Florida in October so will Want to parade the beach feeling full of confidence!
    2. Shorts instead of wearing sweating hot leggings :( this is a must!
    3. Hmmm anything from a 'normal shop' just pick it up knowing they WILL have my size not looking at the back of the rail for the bigger size! These are all going to be checked off my list and defo not just a daydream!!!
    WE CAN DO THIS :) :) :)
  14. Netty007

    Netty007 Full Member

    1, definitely tall boots
    2, new underwear, can't wait to wear a pretty bra with no overhang!!
    3, Super skinny jeans ;-)
  15. lostpolarbear

    lostpolarbear Full Member

    1. All saints dress
    2. Skinny jeans
    3. La senza underwear!

    I've still got loads of size 8-10 clothes in the loft from when I lost all my weight last time I did this (pre pregnancies) and really can't wait until I can wear them again!!
  16. beckz

    beckz Member

    1. New underwear
    2. A dress I can wear without black tights
    3. Nice summer clothes that I feel confident in and not covering up my arms with a cardigan
    4. Skinny jeans that slip on and the zip doesn't fall down with my fat tummy!

    This was a good post starlit_cazza, anytime I feel like giving up I will remind myself of the things I want! Xx
  17. gemjar

    gemjar Climbing the mountain...

    These are my 3!

    1. To fit into the lush warehouse dress my OH bought me for a friends wedding.

    2. Definitely sexy underwear!

    3. Some kind of backless dress for my fiancés 30th!

  18. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    1) New bikini! Going to Tunisia with super skinny friends in June so this is important :)
    2) Low cut skinny jeans
    3) Denim shorts :D
  19. babycham

    babycham Full Member

    Wow I love this thread. It could be a motivator when we feel like food is calling us??!
    1 - I REALLY need a coat. During these cold days I've been wearing my partners oversized bomber jack which adds 2 stone.
    2 - I have a massive shoe collection upstairs which I haven't worn for a year (ish) but I still find myself buying shoes. Ah to walk in 6 inch louboutins again without thinking I might snap the heel. (And people looking, waiting for the heel to snap)
    3 - lots of sexy underwear for my man (to see me in, not for him to wear ha) instead of granny knickers that look like over sized shorts haha.

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  20. KatieM87

    KatieM87 Full Member

    With you there on the shoes, I have loads! Bought some gooorrrrgggeeeous Kurt Geiger shoes in the sales, but I feel a bit like a hippo on ice at the moment if i attempt to walk in them. Cant wait to be able to strut around haha x
  21. babycham

    babycham Full Member

    Yayyyy another shoe aholic!! Lol at hippo comment. We will get there!! How are you doing? Xx

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