what are you aiming for?


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When I booked last december with my cdc for me to restart at beginning of Jan I didn't have anything definite planned but since then we've agreed and booked our holiday for July and my son has booked his wedding for November..... so I've loads of outfits to plan just not dared look at any yet :)

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I'm just aiming to look good when I head home to Ireland for Easter (mini goal). My main goal is the summer and having fun at festivals and on the beach :D


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I have a few (in my signature) helps keep me focused to be able to tick things off on a regular basis but I also have a trip to Amsterdam planned when 4 stone down and then a holiday to Thailand at the end of the year.


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I have a few mini goals:

1) to have lost 4 stone by the end of feb for my cousins wedding.

2) to get to my lowest adult weight of 17st 5lbs by 1st April.

3) to weigh less than my hubby (around 15st I think) and reward myself with a trip to alton towers without being worried about fitting on the rides


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my mini goal was to fit in to 2 pairs of bench jeans i bought a couple of years ago and never got in them, couldnt be bothered to take them back, now they fit great, in fact 1 pair i need a belt with

ultimate goal is to wear bikinis on holiday in July instead of tankinis and then walking round covering up in tshirts


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To lose 4 stone & fit into my size 18's for my Easter hols in Spain. Done 1 stone already so fingers crossed!!
To wear a size 14 on my Summer hols in July is my big goal maybe a little adventurous but I have to aim high!
Hope we all succeed!!


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Mandy I love the jeans one - well done for getting in them, it's so good when you do that.

When I last lost weight on LL I bought myself a pair of levi jeans and I never got to wear them as I put weight on again - this time I will get into them :)


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Realistically I think I'll never get below a size 12, I have child baring hips!

Mini goal is to lose 7lbs to take me into 10st's. Then my aim will be 10st. I've put 9 1/2 down, but truth is, when I was that small, my mum accused me of starving myself and using laxatives. My colleagues at work said I looked anorexic compared to another lass there. And if I'm honest, they weren't nice comments.

My mum is very small due to being unwell most of her adult life. And she said being called a skeleton with a skin graph is just as hurtful as being called a fat arse.

Now I'm 22 and stopped growing, I think it's time to embrace the fact I'm built to be a curvy girl. I'm no longer the skinny 17 yr old that hadn't finished developing. But that's all I remember.

Sorry for rambling :(.


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To be size 8-10


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I want top shop jeans!!! Never had any and I WANT them :)


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snap ghd girl!! Ive never ever shoped in topshop/river island ect and i want to!


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to be 12stone


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To be a healthy BMI for Easter


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I have 2 mini goals for time being! first is to be as close to 11 stone as poss for valentines day!! Second is to weigh less than 10 stone 7 by my boyf's bday (12th march)! im currently at 11st 7lbs!

My big goal is to weigh in at 9 stone 7lbs 9 (total loss will be 3 stone) and have a healthy bmi!!

Already noticing I look better in my clothes!!

Ps - Im so with all the ladies who said get topshop jeans!! I would love to walk in there and know everything in there fits!! xx


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my 1st mini goal is to get into a comfy size 14 and my 2nd mini goal is to get into my 12stones.

i think the key is to aim low and then you feel better if you acheive more lol


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Beautiful skirt

Well I started at over 24 st and I want to get to 12 st.
So far I have lost 4st 9lbs and have gone down from a size 30/32 all over to a 20 on the bottom and a 24 on the top. It feels amazing to get into size 20 skirts.
At the moment my "aim" skirt which I have already bought is a size 16 denim skirt from River Island although I would like to get down to a 14 eventually but the River Island skirt is my main aim - it's gorgeous and not like anything I used to wear. Those voluminous long skirts are Gone for good! Bring on the cute little skirts! Going to try to attach a pic so you can see the skirt.


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This look right here! I love her shape and hair. Soon soon!