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What are you doing now and what should you be doing?


Loves Norman Reedus
I am on here, obviously, and i should be working. I work as an Administrator in a secondary school and i should be creating a timetable for a student starting on Wednesday. As my SIL isnt here, i have teachers coming in contiously asking for her as "they have an emergency", i want to say to them, so does she, her husband is ill.
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I am here, watching Jeremy Kyle....and should be in bed asleep!! Finished a very busy night shift at 7am! Not working tonight so don't need too much sleep before tonight, just enough to keep me going (not slept since I got up at 7.30am on Sun morning).
Ditto, Stoo, on the TV programmes - I love a good quiz!
Another day is about to start but I haven't ended mine yet. I should be sleeping at this time to prepare for next day's work. But obviously, I'm online. :D I'm not feeling well since yesterday. I took some meds already but it's not helping at all. It won't let me sleep. :( And I feel so restless now. :cry::cry::cry:Any suggestion on what should I take to put myself to sleep?:sigh::confused:
I'm new here
and I'm looking through all the threads on this forum on syn values and recipes.
I should be washing dishes, hanging up clean clothes and job hunting.
ooops xxxx
I love this thread... there are million things I should be doing, but I am on "the net" and avoiding chores.

In my defense, I was up at O'Dark Thirty to take my DD to an outpatient surgery appt. It went well (she was first and they used a local) so we've been back at home since 11:30. I have done very little though, I am tired (should have taken a nap, but now it is too late for that) and if I leave the room my DD gets off the couch and follows me like our dog. She could've probably gone to school, but she was feeling needy and it was a stresser -- so, she'll go back tomorrow and today will be a "write off".

Except that I should start dinner in a hour -- and may have to go bowl tonight (as my friend talked me into joining a ladies' 10 pin bowling league -- but I am trying to get out of it -- too big a commitment -- it is every Tuesday night through April).
I am, once again, watching Jeremy Kyle but should be trying to have a nap before tonight shift - I did sleep for 12hours last night (after Sun night shift) but still feel tired!

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