What can i do with pork chops ?


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I used to have a lovely full fat version of this, but using grated cheese like low low it would really reduce the points!!

Grill the pork chops until just about done. Mix grated cheese with a dollop of English mustard and a little dribble of beer (preferably pedigree type bitter) just enough to bind the mixture into a paste. Squish this all over the top of the chops and bung them back under the grill for a couple of mins. Is absolutely gorgeous.

You could also change the mustard to Dijon or wholegrain based on your tastes, or perhaps pad the mix out with low fat soft cheese to lower the pp and just use a little real cheese for flavour!!

Mmmm...really want these now!!



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Similar to the above but I grill them and just when done I spread on a teaspoon of apple sauce 0pp, then sprinkle on some low fat cheddar and stick it under the grill to melt the cheese.


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this was in one of the old ww books. i make it once a week but not sure of points now its really yummy.

feeds 4
4 pork lions
600g sweede and carrot mashed

in a oven dish put the pork with lots of mushrooms and onions,
in a jug mix 2 tblsp of honey, 2tblsp of mustard and a glug of lemon juice.
add to the pork and bake
serve with the veg listed above.
i love this meal but can any one help with pp please?