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What can I make/have with Total 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Lots of yummy berries and a tbsp of honey (2.5 syns) - divine!!! xxx


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Both of the above and with the berries either honey or a crumbled up mini meringue!

Basic/Non Branded Foods Meringue nests 5g mini

1 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 1 Syns
Green 1 Syns

Basic/Non Branded Foods Meringue nests 15g average

3 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 3 Syns
Green 3 Syns

You can get specific syns dependant on which shop you get them from xx
Mix half and half with low-fat houmous (you will have to syn this) for a lovely dip to have with slices of pepper, cucumber, carrot, etc.

Add a syns's worth of jam or lemon curd and stir in well - have with fruit or on its own.

Make up a sugar-free jelly with half a pint of water and let it cool. Whisk in the yogurt until smooth - add a little water if it doesn't quite reach the pint mark in the jug.

Mix with chopped cucumber, seasoning and garlic if you like it - another dip.


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mmmm I LOVE Total 0% but due to the insane price have to keep it for an occasional treat.
Have you seen this - Total Greek Yoghurt


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i love it with 2 or 3 syns worth of lemon curd stirred in! divine!!
even nicer if you use a further 2.5 syns and have a meringue nest with it...yum!
Actually, I prefer the 2% Total - worth the half syn for the pot. But I do agree about the price - and there never seem to be any special offers.


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Oh no, I don't know - my speakers aren't working! lol
I bought it on offer in Tesco last week, it has 25% extra free.

I add a garlic clove or two, some grated cucumber and fresh chopped mint to make Greek style Tsatzkiki, which I have with chopped veg/HEB wholemeal pitta/falafals.



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Add a few drops of vanilla essence and some sweetner, a great alternative to cream. I love it with strawberries :)
I use it to make coleslaw with some sweetner, or stir it into bacon, spinach, mushrooms, parmesan and garlic for pasta sauce.


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Vanilla and Cinnamon and Sweetner is great. Also you could try having a Hot Chocolate Sachet with a crushed Alpen Light.
stick in some herbs & Spices and make some dips :) you can use dried herbs if you leave them in for a little while they soften up, remember to add a little salt or it still tastes like yoghurt

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