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what did you do 2 make today count?


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
I thought i would post this on here as well as on the SW group that I tend to go to because I know not everyone in this section is on SW so wouldnt see it.
Part of my plan to help my self esteem grow ( which is at about the lowest its ever been) is to try and make every day count...
to do at least one thing for me ... either to learn something new, take some time out to do something for me ( whether it be read a book, do that session of exersize that I have been meaning to do, write those letters that I have been putting off etc)... something that adds to what I have achieved or done with that day of my life.
I am keeping a blog of it all so that in a few months I can look back and think actually, I am not wasting my life, I am worth something and yes I have achieved something ( even if they are only little things) ...
so I just wondered ... if you look back on today, what could you say that you have done that makes it count... and planning for tomorow, what could you do to make sure that you make it count?
Hope it provides a little food for thought for people. :)
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Hi, I'm new here and still finding my feet. Loved to read your words of wisdom - which are so true. That why I've come on board here to enable myself to keep true to my commitment to myself - By finding support. So your suggestions sent me off to start a diary for myself. Thanks for the idea. Actually seeing it down in black & white will make me more accountable for myself. Im going to succeed this time & I don't feel I need to spend tons of money - to loose the weight. After all, its all just good all commonsense how to loose the weight. (Eat less, more of the right food and move more lol) So yes, I agree make each day count & if you slip up, you can start again tomorrow - a bit like life hay? (If you're lucky) So hopefully I'll read this in a few months time & realize it was easier than I thought it would be with the right attitude & as much support as I can get. Thanks Jacquie


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
Hi Jacquie,
thankyou so much for your response, its really lovely to hear that you have been able to take something from it..... as you will find out this place offers the most amazing support - I am fairly new myself - so its great to know that I have managed to 'help' one person in a tiny way ( you will be going towards my 'making today count' for today :)
anyway, I have copied in my post that I left n SW today, but I am torn, I know I cant keep doing 2 sets of postings everyday, but I love posting more about the psychological but I am following the SW plan .. am i allowed to sit n 2 camps? lol..... anyway, here it is .......

Morning folks .......

I am just about to go off and write my blog so thought I would do my pop into mini's first.
Ive already got my head ticking about what I am going to do today to make today count and what 'do's' I can have turned into 'did's' by this time tomorrow ....... will keep up date on blog as usual .. just really helpful to see it written down in black and white.

Right, a thought for the day on top of the making it count, the do's into did's and all the other stuff I have gone on about :)

" We learn more about ourselves when we fail...so, don't be afraid of failing. Failure is a part of the long process of success. People who do not fail are those who do nothing."
Robert T. Kiyosak
Failure is something we have all experienced, and whilst disheartening and often heard to handle at the time, we can often look back and reflect on what we have learned and how that failure actually brought us to a different and better place.
Are there any particular failures that you can thnk of where they have added something to your life, whether it be simply that they made life a bit more colourful, perhaps you learned a lesson, maybe someone else learned a lesson from it. More importantly did it change the way that you did things, approached things in the future.
Remember, it doesn't have to have been something big and dramatic ... its just about trying to change our persepective on how we see our lives that have passed so far, and viewng them in a positive way, even the bits which at the time seemes crappy.
Wishing everybody a fantastic day!
Klare x


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
well good for you! and yes you are so right.. it is SOOO true that your thoughts become your words become your actions ( become your world). Start at the root cause and change the thoughts to positive only :)


A Girls Got 2 Do ...
morning everyone,
here's my things that I am going to do to make today count.
Aside from ploughing through the snow to get my elderly neighbor to the 'bone man' ( she fell n the snow and hurt her back), and then ploughing through the house work... my main thing for making today count is to complete an application form for a job. I am in a job which I am deeply unhappy and unsatisfied in - not to mention that we are all heading towards a 6k drop n salary which will mean i wont be able to afford to put the petrol in the car to GET to work!.. so that is my proactive thing on my list and the thing which by tomorrow I will be able to say that I have turned a 'do' into a 'did' on my list,
I'm also going to write my blog .... the basis of todays entry being ...
" You should not wait; the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you are, work with whatever is at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."
..........I know I am not the only one who has dreams an aspirations but continually put them off because the time isn't right, or I can't access what i think I need to be able to do it etc
Obviously I will be sticking to my SW eating plan because I DO have the right tools to be successful not least with the support available on this forum :)
Here's wishing everyone a fantastic and productive day.
Klare x