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What did you eat as a child?


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My Mum was an amazing cook, of things that her Mum taught her. Great big Cornish pasties, under roasts, pies (homemade), roast dinners, Suet puddings, typical English food.

And she was always baking cakes, shortbread, buns, jam tarts, scones.

We were spoilt!

I remember in the winter we would come home from school and on the stove would a simmering pot of her stew (to die for) and we'd all have a huge bowl before tea.

Saturday afternoons (before worzel gummadge came on the tellie) we would have 'high tea'. Plates of sausage rolls (homemade), tuna mayo rolls, cheescake, french fancies all those lovely things you'd get at a tea party.

I'm not blaming my Mum for my eating habits, I knew as I got older I shouldn't actually eat so much. Everything fine in moderation.

But I think I have inherited her love of cooking and 'homely' way.

There are four in our family, but i cook for 6. I don't know why i do this, but i always make too much.

As kids we were encouraged to clear our plates before we were allowed to leave the table. I really try not to do this now, as i know it will be detrimental to their own view of food. But I do tell them there wont be anything else till morning.

I think I need to find some healthy recipes to 'feed' my cooking addiction lol ;)
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When ever my dad still lived with us my mum could afford what i call proper food (not frozen processed parp).
We always had big huge dinners, like mash and veg and meat.. Or sometimes for convience we would have home made chips and things, My mum makes amazing veg soup and stew and homemade burgers and things... But we all had big portions, my Dad was in the army, very active and always had big portions, and it came that we were having near enough the same size portions as him... (hence my pictures of when i was 14 you can see on my profile)

Ive always over ate, i dont know when im full, and some times even when i am full i will just nibble at stuff, not because im hungry just cause i want to taste it...

Now though its mostly chips, bacon sausages, pizzas etc things that are quick and easy to cook.. We all work full time and never feel like cooking when we get home.. And take aways are far to easy!!
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Gosh the food sounds magnificent! What a great mum! That 'high tea' sounds amazing :D

I can't really remember what we used to eat, I remember Chinese takeaways at the weekend sometimes if my dad had won on the horses. I remember coming home from school 'starving' so HAD to have something before my tea. Certainley don't remeber any brilliant times revolving around food - more like I always felt like there wasn't enough? Maybe that's why and how I got fat - since leaving home I ate whatever I wanted whenver I wanted. Hmmmm worth thinking about I think!

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The food we ate as a kid were just family meals, i mean like mince and mash, homemade pie with real chips and stews with dumplings etc. We didnt have takeaways or anything like that cos there was 4 kids to feed. My dad sometimes brought home a chinese or indian on a saturday night if he had been out and i remember listening for him to come in and then id wait on the stairs untill he herd me making noises and bring me down stairs and i would sit on the floor and watch him eat what he had brought home. I always got some lol but he would get something hot and i would end up crying cos it burnt my mouth but i always went bk for more lol. My weight was never an issue when i was a kid it was when i started working at 16. I had money of my own and most of it went on food. befor i new it i was 18 and a size 18 i was increasing in size with every year i turned. The last straw was in august 08 when i was 25 and a size 24 about to go into a 26 and i was NOT going be a size 26!! i think this should be on the post about what made you decide to lose weight, sorry for high jacking lol
I am 50 this year, so when I was growing up, we didnt even have a fridge. Shopping was done on a daily basis and all shops were closed on Sunday, so a Saturday would be the only day that 2 days shopping was done.
We always had meat and fish. Minced beef, potatoes and swede. Chicken dinners. Scotch broth soup, Lentil soup, Cold custard with bananas was always on the table when I came home from School until dinner time at 6pm. Fish and chips was always Fridays. Porridge for breakfasts, Sunday being the bacon, sausage, tattie scones, black pudding etc.
Lovely memories of lovely food.

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As a child all our food was cooked from stratch and wholesome. I was never an overweight child I was always very active and really didnt snack. The food Mum cooked was typically english. I didnt taste chinese until my mid teens and indian food I discovered with my husband and friends when we were 16/17. This is when the problems began I started drinking and eating out loads. By the time I got married at 22 I had gained and lost a stone, at my heaviest I was 9 st 4lbs. The real problems began after we were married, my husband didnt get home until after 6 I got home for 4 would have a snack and then eat a meal with him. It didnt take long for me to gain weight going from a 10 to 16/18 in less than a year. Its been on ever since until last year. Putting this in writing has made me realise I dont have to continue to be overweight and having been 10 theres no reason why I shouldnt be again. A great thread! XX


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My Mum is a stong believer in "good english food" which is basically anything from roast dinners, to pie and veg... it wasnt until i was 17 that i even tried indian, mexican etc, and have only recently been able to get my mum and dad to eat it at home (they now love it and are sorry they missed out on it all these years!!)

but.... my mums meals were always enough, and my dad was telling me lat week a we were having this same conversation, that it wasnt until i got to secondary shool that i had sweets, i never wanted them as a kid, and so never got them wud much rathr have ate raw carrot as my mum was making tea...

apparently when i got to school, i became addicted to sweets, my dad said it was like watching an addict!! and i suppose my greed came from their!!! xx

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