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What did you put in the basket this week?


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Do all the meetings have a basket where you put in something that's helped you that week and the Slimmer of the Week wins it?
If your group does it, what did you put in, how did it help you this week and did you win it?

I put in Asda Chickpea Dahl (free), I've been having it with a baked potato and salad or just rice and it's delicious.
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Wee Doll

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we all bring fruit for the slimmer of the week


Now to maintain.....
our group does it but just puts fruit in! wish there was different things in it would be much nicer and a chance to try different things.

and i did win it this week!


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Oooh we get all sorts in ours - although there is usually fruit in it too. It always looks like you could manage your lunches for the rest of the week out of it :8855:

Wee Doll

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i might say to our consultant tonight about saying to the group about bringing something else

when i won it i didnt eat most of the stuff as i dont like conference pears or oranges or red apples
We just bring fruit... but I like the idea of putting in something that has helped you get throughout the week. I think the problem would be when people put in foods that are synned. At least with fruit you know you can eat the lot syn free
We put in anything. It is mostly fruit but people have put in things like a packet of pasta and sauce, savoury rice and hi fi bars. We've also have a sachet of sugar free jelly and sometimes a bag of snack-a-jacks have been in there!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Ours is mostly fruit with a few other bits and bobs.
We also have a basket for the homeless in our area where we put anything from home that is high syn or we dont want etc so if the synned stuff ends up in the prize basket we just pop it in there instead!


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im taking a mugshot in tomorrow!!! wont win it though - my friend is on a mission and always wins SOTW!!!! plus i gained last week so im not eligible!!! :( xx


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I assumed all the meetings had a similar way of doing these things, manky old fruit doesn't sound like much of an incentive to reach SOTW. If anyone manages to convince their consultant to change the rules for their baskets let me know!
We just have fruit in ours. Have to say that it's about half and half yummy and old. I swear there's an orange in there that's been going back and forth for at least 2 months.:8855:


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we have all sorts of bits in ours, I put passatta in last night. There is usually yoghurts, alpen bars, snak a jaks, fruit, sometimes tuna, mugshots savoury rice.

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