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What diet follows Exante for you?

Hi all, I've seen a few people on here say they will b changing to SW or WW type diets after finishing the drasticness that is Exante :D so I too have been researching into what "diet" i cud do once i've lost the bulk of my weight. I really want to change my eating habits for life now, in fact my whole lifestyle cos I just want to feel fit and healthy as I did b4 kids! I've been looking at the Paleo Diet (aka Caveman diet) and really like the idea of it as I'm quite a naturalist and this really makes sense to me....its VERY diff from modern conventional diets but still loosely based on low-carb and high protein as those cavemen did like their meat, ha!

Just wondered what everyone else was thinkin?

H x
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Doing it exante style :)
Starlight said:
What diet next? NONE

This is my last ever diet. Once I get to goal I am NOT counting points or syns or cals

Im going to be like a 'normal' person and just eat sensibly. Ive wasted too much of my life on diets
Here here :)

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Hmmmmmmmmmhh I would love Exante to be my last diet ever too. However, I have decided to have an upper limit in weight that I just will not go above............when I get there I plan to use Exante for 1 or 2 weeks to get rid of it. It scares me not having a plan once I get to goal because I never gave it a thought before and have always put the weight back on again.
I was thinking of moving on to WW once my BMI get below 25. I think that when you come off TS?

I will still have just over 2 stone to lose so will still need a diet to stick to.


I can haz cake?
I'm gonna do Exante til im a lot nearer my "normal weight" then I'm going back to ww for the last bit and maintaining. Unfortunately I will probably have to follow a "plan" of some sort for the rest of my life as I can slip all too easy. But thats okay, its worth it :)

I like ww as its pretty easy to integrate into a normal eating day
I'm with you Starlight. For me, my plan is that this is the last diet I'm going to do. I want to follow this through until I am at a healthy weight, and then find a way to keep to that weight. I'm building up the exercise at the moment, and just want to find a way to have a healthy lifestyle that I can stick with and maintain whatever my final weight is. I feel really excited about it, just need to stick with this to get there.
I think for me it will always be higher protein / lower carb, as the carb stuff tends to set off my asthma too, so generally I'm better without it anyway.
Im hoping & praying that when I am eventually finished with my weight loss & at my ideal weight, I will be so fit & loving all types of exercise, that I could eat anything I wanted & work it off!!!

Saying that though I think I shall be sticking to NO Bread, etc as I have been feeling 100% better since giving that up.
What diet next? NONE

This is my last ever diet. Once I get to goal I am NOT counting points or syns or cals

Im going to be like a 'normal' person and just eat sensibly. Ive wasted too much of my life on diets
Here Here!:D
I am also not going to do any "diet" and will carry on with exante until I am the weight I want to be.

I am right now trying to learn my triggers to eat the wrong things. I didnt put my weight on quickly, only ½lb a week, and before I started exante I had maintained my 2½ stone weight loss for 4 years, so know my diet wont need much adjustment, but things are and have to change.
I have a blood sugar condition, so have to eat relatively low carb, well not low carb, but low GI really. The South Beach Diet principles work really well for me. I'm another one that doesn't want to actually 'diet' every again, but I find my appetite naturally stabilises when I keep my blood sugar steady - and I don't pass out which is an added bonus!
Maybe I worded wrong with "diet" cos hear that and u automatically assume it means a weight control diet but i just mean diet in general, as in normal daily food intake! I know some people prefer to follow the basic principles of a weight loss diet such as SW but most just hope to b able to eat normal/healthier to maintain. I'm really gonna make a go of this Paleo diet (or shud I say lifestyle?!) Cos its grain/wheat free, mostly dairy free, high protein and low carb/GI and since doing E I've realised just how less bloated I feel and am sure I had a slight intolerance somewhere!

I've just ordered all my coconut milk/oil/flour for some (hopefully) delicious low carb homemade bread/muffins!

H x

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