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what do i wear?


want to be me again ...
got a bit of a dilema and wondered if i could have some advise.
We are going to mr beans christmas do end this month and i was hoping to have lost a bit more to buy a nice dress (its a ceilidh do) but dont really want to waste my money just yet on something ill probably never wear again ..he bought me a lovely top but it needs trousers and you dont do trousers at these nights ..so do i wear a lovely dress i wore last year? (will they even remember ?) wear new top with trousers or go and buy a frock!
I know sounds a bit trivial but i would like to make a good impression , he is useless just tells me ai look gorgeous in anything ... and got no sisters to help me !!!
hugs gilly xxx
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If I were you, and didn't want to buy anything special, then I would wear what I wore last year, especially as you said its lovely. You obviously love it, and feel comfortable in it. Just add different accessories x x x


want to be me again ...
just what mr beans just said as he peeped over my shoulder ...lol
its a size 20 but maybe it will fit better anyway ..thanks ladies for your advise ..just need to be told sometimes dont we!!! xxxx
You could check on ebay for bargains.. I did for my do on saturday.. I bought quite a few!!! Anyhoo some of them only cost a couple of pounds.. and they are per una, wallis and topshop. I have tried them and although I have not chosen to wear any of them I have put them back on ebay and am making a profit!!

What colour are you looking for??
its a ceilidh the majority of people will be off their trollies anyway and whirling about too much to notice that your wearing last years frock, buy some new jewellery or a new shawl and wear the old frock im sure you look fab in it !

Gen x
Why not get a long swirly or floaty type skirt to go with the top? My uncle was in a band that used to do ceilidh's all the time and the dancing always looked great with floaty swirly skirts flying round.

have a great time, I used to love going to them.


want to be me again ...
the dress from last year was an M&S brown with a lovely twirly skirt bit ..thinking now of a goldish wrap and some new jewellery ..i sell silver jewellery ggrrrrrrrrrrr so its the car boot sunday ..but hey thanks for the support messages ..miss having my mates living nearby to help me ...xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
I think you should wear what you wore last year. Nobody will remember and you will look lovely.

Space Angel , a ceilidh is a scottish sort of dance party, they are great fun, everyone always has the best time.
What is a ceilidh's?
Barn dancing/country dancing. You know, set squares and do-si-do your partner, promenade...that kind of thing! A right hoot and such good exercise (although usually combined with booze for me...lol!!)

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