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what do u think of the chicken soup?

well im day 11 and i started off liking the chicken soup and it makes me feel sick now i hate it which is abit worring as i dont want to get sick of them all
think i will be sticking to the vin and choc now not alot of choice really i hope i dont get fed up and bord:sigh: was thinking of doing this untill 7th may which is when i intended to come off it for my friends hen weekend at ascot but instead of starting again after i might change to cd as there seem to be more flavours what do u guys think? tina xx
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It's up to you really. Many people struggle with the flavours, personally I cannot stand any of them, and have only been having maninly chocolate since wk 6. It depends on how bad you think they are really!

Clair x


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Hi Tina, I don't like the chicken soup it reminds me of warm dish water lol, so I just stick to the flapjacks and the shakes!

As for switching to CD, well do whatever you feel like doing :) if you fancy a change, then go for it, changing to another VLCD is better than diving off the wagon, personally I'm just doing Lipotrim because I'm familiar with it and it's so simple and you can't really go wrong with it, not to mention the pharmacy is just down the road. CD is a scary thought to me because it's unfamiliar territory!

Just have a long hard think about it Tina :) x


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
P.S I promise I'm not stalking you Clair lol! It's really just coincidence that my posts are always after yours! Scary really!


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
Why don't ya try limiting the soup to like, once a week or something? Maybe a saturday night 'treat' lol, so it keeps them interesting and stuff!

Thank you for the lovely comment :D it seems like it was only last week I was deciding to do LT again, crazy how fast time flies on this diet :S


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I love the chicken soup and have it every night for my dinner. It tastes really thick and creamy and i keep thinking its just like a cuppa soup.

Totally hated it at first but love it now. Well maybe love is bit too strong a word but I do look forward to it.
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its ok,the more pepper the better!


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I look foward to my chicken soup too. I put a tiny bit of chilli into it and it's lush.

If you are finding the tastes bad think about when you eat sprouts (or something equally as horrid to you) and remember that you are supposed to eat them because THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU!

Suffer the flavour - its good for you!

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I think they're vile lol

irish molly

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Likewise, I hate the soup!!!! Tina, you are only on day 11. Your tastebuds are undergoing changes as you are on TFR. You will go through phases of liking / loathing in equal measure all of the shakes as we are limited in choice. Regard them as medicine!!! Make them up with less water and get them down!!!
My advice is stick with LT for at least a month and see how you feel then. I think it is too early to chop and change.
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well all this talk of chicken soup has made me curious so when i got my sachets today i asked for 1 chicken soup sooo lets see how it goes down atleast if i dont like it i can say i tried xxx


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vile :( its only smells like chicken to me and tastes to powdery, its fowl:)
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well i had it and .............. never again it was rank couldnt even finish it , im sticking with my shakes x
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The soup is vile but I add in cayenne pepper and its not so bad, not sure if this is ok but it didn't stop my weight loss last time I did lipotrim. Favourite is definately the vanilla, make it with hot water and coffee lush
I have just tried the soup, having previously thought it was really disgusting I now find that I like it! Lots of black pepper and done in the blender. It made a nice change.


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I liked the soup at first, then tried a hot chocolate. It was DISGUSTING and I realised that it was because it tasted just the same as the soup. Couldn't stomach the soup after that.

Regarding Cambridge - I know it suits many people, but it wouldn't have suited me. I have used some CD products as part of my maintenance programme and I can tell you that they are delicious, but the bars are just like sweets and acted as a trigger for me. I've stopped using them!! The porridge is nice and works well for me, but the bars are too nice if you're interested in losing weighht and have "issues" with nice tasting food.


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