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What do you do on busy days when you're out?


Slimming down the aisle
My only problem with the CD is that everything other than the tetras and bars have to be made and consumed in 15 minutes. That makes work and long days at uni difficult. I'm running my university's careers fair today and I'm leaving at about 6.45am and won't be back to my sisters until most likely 7pm. That makes for a long day! I'd take a tetra but I only have banana left and that made me feel really sick last time, so I'll take a bar, and I'm just eating porridge. But it makes it a bit difficult. Means trying to fit in a soup and a shake after 7/8pm. What do you guys generally do? I guess there isn't alot really!
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Slimming down the aisle
I'm also going to be tempted by the amazingly yummy menu that I planned out for staff and exhibitors. While healthy, I'll do my best to avoid anyway! I'm in ketosis now and don't want to get kicked out!! I'll just stay away from the lunch room :D


Push comes to shove, and I'm out, say shopping or whatever and I'm short tetras/bars. I have been known to ask for a cup of hot water, and empty cup and buy a cup of tea/coffee. I will then sit and carefully hand blend my shakes with a bit of water at a time with a fork/spoon. Most places don't mind.

I am nothing if not determined.


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If all i had left was something i wasnt fussed on i would hold my nose and drink it as fast as i could followed by lots of water. dont worry about long days out the results of this diet are great, its not easy but you have to stay strong and motivated. Just try and enjoy the day rather than worry about the food side.


Tried adding the banana tetra to coffee?

Its not as good as the choc but it does help it down a bit. You can taste the banana though but its not howfin'
I am on SS+ and I always have 2shakes and 2 tetras a day. Then if I am out and about I have a shake before I leave, 2 tetras to get me through the day and the last shake when I get home. xx


can see the end in sight!
I couldn't do this diet if I didn't have such a set routine. Anything changes in my routine messes me up. Sorry no advice but hope your day wasn't too difficult.
I frequently travel - last week I was in London for 3 days. I bought a shaker from a pharmacy and take my shakes with me (most places will give you hot/cold water). I was at a seminar on Tuesday and they had a meal for us all, lovely food and cheese:eek:. I went in the corner like an unsociable person and made my shake. Yes, it was hard but I did it!!

I also make shakes and soups at work. My finance bought me battery charged hand blender - Morphy Ricahards 'Go cordless' and its fab - gone are the lumpy drinks.:)
Hi there,

my basic advice for work is that I live on tetras!! Luckily I like all 3 flavours, and I just pop in my work's fridge. If I am on the go, I just take them with me.... the biggest issue for me if I'm on a course or something is how to fit all the water in whilst finding the loo!!!!

Hope your day is going well!!


Slimming down the aisle
I got through the day just fine actually. I discovered a strawberry tetra I didn't realise I had and took that. The banana I just can't drink though. It makes me feel pretty sick, not really sure why. I actually sat in the room, on the table with my friends as they all ate the food which was amazing looking especially the puddings, but to be honest, I didn't really bat an eyelid! It's amazing how in a few days my attitude has changed. I'm also in ketosis now :) So that probably helps! But I'm just finding I don't want to eat that stuff anymore. I want to reach my goals and hit my targets much more than I want a piece of caramel chocolate shortcake! And that increased healthiness and weight loss will (I hope!!) last a lot longer than any food I can eat. And so if I have to pass up some yummy food to reach my goals, then so be it!!
well done for finding a solution....
I think its just trial and error really.
I don't 'eat' anything till after midday, I just drink water, I then have one meal then, another at 5:30 ish then my last at about 7pm..
Some people split their packs and have them as two seperate meals, I would do this if i felt really hungry.
I find the bars although filling, but they don't last long :D these are great for the cinema though as they are more like a treat than a meal.
I think you just have to do trial and error and keep reminding yourself why you are doing it...
The buffet food always looks nice till you see the greasy platters left on the table afterwards!


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