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what do you eat for lunch

Hi everyone ive been on xenical for 2 weeks and im doing really well ive lost 11lbs:)

But the thing is when it comes to having lunch I always end up having homemade lentil soup and after 2 weeks im sick of it Im looking for some inspiration:D

I dont like yogurts but ill try anything I cant look at another bowl of soup:eek:

It has to be something I can take to work I can make it at my work cooking it not a problem as I work as a support worker in the community so im always in someones house lol.
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Hey, well done on your losses so far! You must be chuffed!!

I am following slimming world as well as taking xenical and I've found the lunches I have on SW are perfect for xenical. My favourite is a chicken pasta salad. Basically the night before, chop a spring onion, a red pepper, a red onion, mix it with sliced cooked chicken, some penne pasta, 2tbsps of hellman's extra light mayo, tarragon and salt & pepper and keep it in the fridge to just grab for work the next day. Its sooo good!

I'm also going to be taking Weight Watchers ready meals with me for lunch because they are so easy to cook and filling if you bulk them out with microwave steam veg :)
oh that pasta dish just had me watering at the mouth mmmmm!
I think ill try that one. I just get so stuck on what to eat and scared to eat things im not sure about incase of nasty side effects. Ive been sticking to the rule but as its still early stages I have had caution. But that one I will definetly try.

Yeah I am chuffed with how the weigh ins has been going I just need to stick at it even when they are slowly coming off x x
Honestly, don't be disheartened by slow losses, as long as its coming off that's the main thing. You are doing so well! Remember 1lb a week is a healthy loss :)

You will love the pasta, its so filling and yummy! You shouldn't be scared to eat, if it's in the rules just go for it :)
I know this time im not stopping until its all off lol 1lb off is better than a 1lb on. I just told my husband about the pasta dish and although he not on a diet he says he would eat that as it sounds lovely lol. I just need to start eating more things and it should get easier as I have been sticking to the same things for 2 weeks. Going for shopping 2 morrow so I will definetly be trying some new things x Thanks very much xx ;)
I have a lot of soups too, mostly Heinz Big Soups, Weight Watchers etc, but I also sometimes have beans on toast, ravioli on toast, spaghetti shapes on toast (can you see a theme emerging here ;))

If I'm being lazy, I sometimes take a ready meal into work - just the supermarket own brand low-fat meals, or Weight Watchers ones. I like the chilli and wedges ones, which tend to be quite low fat/calorie, but they do various pasta ones as well that I like.

Jacket potatoes are also an option - not a huge one obviously, but you could fill it with beans, tuna, low-fat cottage cheese, or anything like that.

Hope this helps a little!
I tend to have ww ready meals for lunch too. Most are nice but the ravioli one is really dry - could be because I pop them in the microwave and let them sit for a few minutes beofre I get it out!


size 14 here I come
Pitta bread with ham and salad and extra light salad cream or mayo
fruit & yogurt
WW soups & bread
Chicken breast & salad wrap
WW meals


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jaket pots, pasta, cous cous... salads. grilled chicken, or with your dinner, make enough to have the next day for your lunch... i did that with things like pasta, or stirfys.... :)
Thanks everyone I think the problem was I was scared to eating anything else because ive had no side effects so far but as long as I stick within the rule I should be fine and I will definetly be trying all of these out - but not at the same time lol :)

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