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What do you guys think?


One last chance
Ok, I'm now at my lightest weight and I am thinking about refeeding tomorrow and lose the last 4lbs on that.

If I start refeed tomorrow, I'll be refeeding for 3 weeks before I go on holiday. I think that may prepare me better and refeeding for 3 weeks may be beneficial for I think.

What do you guys think? should I do one more week and refeed for 2 weeks or should I start refeed for 3 weeks?
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Hi Yas, I would re-feed now if I were you. Give yourself plenty of time to re-adjust to eating.


One last chance
That's what I was thinking. I remember talking to a mate of mine, and she said, because of my incident before, that maybe I should have been on the refeeding process longer to adjust since I was off food for very long.


Here we go again!
3 weeks of refeeding sounds like a good idea Yas. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, you can do it!


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I think you should do whatever feels right for you Yas - what I would say is try to do the refeed properly. Stick to exactly what it says. This MAY mean that you don't lose weight on it - I don't think you should rely on refeed for weight loss. But what it WILL do is ensure that your body gets used to food in the right order & in the right quantities and SHOULD ensure, if you do it properly, that you don't gain anything.
When you've successfully completed a couple of weeks THEN you can decide whether to cut down on some carbs or whatever to lose anything you still want to.

Make sense??

Only trying to help honey xx
I have always said a longer refeed is better, slower loading of the carbs is very benneficial imo

do what is right for you though



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Good luck for your refeed Yas, I am sure you will learn from your past experience. Just follow it to the T hun and you will be fine.


One last chance
Thanks very much everyone, so far it's going ok. Can't wait for me spuds! lol

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