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What do you miss most?

And what did you think you'd miss, but don't!

I miss cheese, but I knew I would. Garlic and herbs in some 0% fromage blanc is actually OK though (with carrot sticks) as an alternative. If I ate cheese, I'd want bread with it (although I suppose I could have some galette) so another good reason to avoid it.

I thought I'd miss pasta (and the endless ways of eating it), but I don't at all, in spite of the others having it while I'm having my protein-only meals.

I don't miss chocolate, and won't...until it starts getting colder (I never eat chocolate in the summer).

Having said that, it's early days for me. Maybe I should update this in a month's time!
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Fruit and wine. I love fruit more than anything and can easily go without chocolate if I have blueberries.
I never eat bread anyway, for me its too addictive, I hate the taste of shop bread anyway but home made wow I would eat the lot. I dont eat pasta either. I love things like hummus and dips though. snacky quick things, but I reckon once I get into the swing of things, this diet will teach me that everything is good in moderation, I will have a glass of wine this weekend, and if somebody offers me chocolate , I will say mm yum thanks and really enjoy it, but I wont ever buy my self any. I like cake but will only have that on birthdays.
But yup wine if I had to pick one thing


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Beans and Corn Tortillas.

I'm not missing chocolate or crisps so far.
But not having Huevos Rancheros for my standby meal is sad for me, eggs with salsa isnt quite the same.

Miss noodles too, not being able to go to tampopo or wagamammas for a comfort food fix.
got me thinking about what I would like to eat!!!

Chocolate, Starbucks skinny ginger muffins, feta cheese and olives and most of all bread!!! I love bread its my downfall, if I buy a baked loaf or bake my own I will happily eat it in one sitting.

Oh and popcorn.......


Dukan Ancestor!!

I seem to miss different things at different times. Maybe I should say 'all of the above', though chocolate doesn't seem to be a problem, but it was not a problem before I started the diet etiher.
Home baking, proper homemade bread with strawberry jam. I still have two lots of cupcakes and muffins in the freezer as my family don't eat them quickly enough (leftovers from the birthday party a couple of weeks ago).
Olive oil in cooking.
Fruit - definitely. Ahh PV tomorrow, there are a couple of tomatoes ready in the garden with my name on it!
Oh and wine, and also, my parents have just brought some lovely lovely yummy Belgian beer, and won't get any of it :(
*cracks open a cream soda*

Enough of this though. I need to make some headway before the holiday next week :fingerscrossed:
cider that I will miss im not far enough into really miss ...did miss kidney beans when I had mince tonight love mexican food so that I expect will be the worst thing......still ask me again in a month
Add to that home made carrot cake. OH was eating a crumpet last night and I sent him out the room!
i miss bread, hot chips, beer and wine! Although i was naughty and drank a bottle of red last night. And strawberries, my kids have been eating them all week and its been hard not to eat one.



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Pizza, Chips, Ice cream and copious amounts of cheese. You see thats why atkins was great - the cheese and home made ice cream lol
LOL. For me, it's carby veg. Sunday lunch is not quite the same without honey roast parsnips and roast potatoes! And I love peas and sweetcorn. Summer without corn-on-the-cob... sigh.

Also, I do quite miss Shreddies - the best breakfast cereal of all time. :)

But I don't miss any enough to break the diet! I'm getting more pleasure from watching the numbers on the scales go down!
Oh yes cheese I love cheese mmmmmmmmm
Ooh now theres a goal I cant wait to reach lol

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