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What do you think is a healthy size??


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Hi everyone,
hopefully going to start a bit of a debate here!!

I was a 22 top and 20 bottom when i started and i always said that when i got to a size 14 regardless of how much i weighed, i'd stop, buttttt, i'm now 16 top, (it's the flooby boobies!), and 14 trouser, (12 in a skirt, just, well if i hold my breath and don't actually want to move anywhere whilst i'm wearing it and you can forget about sitting down he he he :giggle:).
So now i'm thinking, i still have a bit to go but as the average British woman is now a size 16, what do you consider to be :airquote:healthy clothes size??
For me, it wouldn't suit my frame to be an 8 or 10, and i think that 12 might be pushing it but are you here for the weight loss or the clothes size??
Hmm, curious............

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well for me personally I'd like to be a size 12. I am happy to be a 14 but it's all too easy to slip to a 16 then upwards. So for me I am aiming for a size 12 :D

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When I was at my thinnest, I was a USA size 12, which is a UK 14. That was quite slim for my heigth and build. But I would like to see if I can get in to a US 10/UK 12 - just to do it. I expect my body to settle back at about a UK 14.

I started this a 26/28. I am now wearing my smallest pair of trousers that I own and they are a 20 - tops tend to be 20 or 22.

I am not choosing a set weight or size to say I am done. i have set my goal for 10 stone, half my starting weight. But as I get closer, I may adjust that, either direction depending on what changes occur towards the end. I will be done, when I am HAPPY inside and out with who and what I am. So time will tell! But I know I will not go beyond the 10 stone. I believe that would go to far for my build and I would look unhealthy.
I am lucky in that I carry my weight well so I would look good in a 14 although I think I will need to be a size 12 to conform to the correct BMI.

I would be extremely happy with a size 12:)
Hiya, I started this journey as a 24 top, 22 bottom. I'm now a 16 top (those boobs again) and a 14 bottom, 12 in a skirt, same as you.

I always told myself that I wanted to be 11 stone, I'm 5"7, and I was last at that weight when I was 16. I'll be 40 in May so it's a bit of a milestone for me, although saying that, as I get nearer, I'm thinkg, should I do another half a stone or so?

I'm finding it difficult to shift that last stone though!


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A 12!


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have no idea what size I'll be when i get to my ideal bmi I am more influenced by that but I guess it would be a 12


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I want to be a comfy size 14 but Im a size 16 now and quiet happy with how I look with clothes on just 1 or 2 areas to sort.Think as I start to go up the plans and the scary bit maintanance I will be happy to bounce back to a 16 but would like to be healthy just once lol


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I think I'd say that a size 12 would be a 'healthy' size for me and that's where I'd like to aim to ---- wow can't believe that I can write that and actually know it's possible :D


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As I'm 5 10" I would have been happy to be a 16 but I've ended up a 12-14 which is just fine. I could never be a 10! But I think what's healthy depends on your frame and build.

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I would think of what looks good on you, and what is a healthy BMI. I was an average 16 (pushing 18 towards the end) and was BMI 33 which was very unhealthy.

I am now 8st7, BMI 19, size 8-10 and look a little scrawny - so I am trying to put 7lbs back on which will make me a 'nice' 10. I was aiming for size 12 - but prefer being just a little smaller as I needed the extra inches off my hips as I'm put together oddly!


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Another thread for the girls hey???? I'd like to be a size 00.


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Another thread for the girls hey????
I wouldn't say so, men have sizes too ;)

I'd like to be a size 00.
Not a good look.
I thought for men it would be size 30-32 trousers, that is what my DH is aiming for, so I guess that is about right??

I am currently size 12 and quite like it, I do require some toning and would like to lose maybe another 7lbs, but I still have a little way to go through RTM yet.
I am actually enjoying shopping for clothes as they have started to look nice on me, which is odd, gives me quite a surprise in the changing room mirror.


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I used to be a 29" waist - that was 10 years ago - if I could work out how to post a photo I'd show you all, but for my frame I looked way too thin. I'd be happy as a size 34, and think when I get to that size I would look to going onto RTM with a desire to bring it down to 32 inch waist. It seems a long way off though - weight seems to be falling of my chest, my thighs, even my backside, but just doesn't seem to be moving from my waist. it's very annoying!


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I personally think a size 12 is pretty healthy, but as others have said it would obviously depend on your height and build.

I think that the average size of women being a 16 is more to do with the fact that the majority of people in this country are overweight.......sounds harsh I know, and I don't mean it to sound mean, afterall I'm now a size 18 bottom and 16 top after being a tight fitting 20 all round 5 weeks ago! :)


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I'm 5ft 4 and would be happy being a size 12. I've never been smaller than a 12 in my adult life, so can't imagine being a 10! But we shall see :D

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