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What do you use to make your soups?

I mix the powder in a cup with enough cold to make a paste, then a bit more cold, give it a stir then hot water on top


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I have a magic bullet (cup blender thingy) but blend the powder with cold water then top up with the kettle

At work I just use the shaker with the cold water and top up with kettle



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It's the small one I use - I fill it about a 3rd with cold water, blend then put into a huge mug and top up with boiling water. The bullet blends it in 3-4 seconds

At work I put hot water in a bowl and use a metal whisk works well but at home I put cold water in a pan heat it gently and add in the powder slowly and wisk it with a metal whisk. It tastes better I think. I got that from one of the stickies and it definately makes it much nicer-plus using 300ml rather than 250.


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I just use a hand blender bought from asda for around £6 i think it was.
i also use a hand blender xx
I've been wondering this too. Would like to have soup at work but we have no kitchen or anything.... Even to get the hot water is have to pay 40p for a tea but ask for the bag on top (tight gits)
I'm going to try mixing it with cold then adding hot and see how I get on.
Will have to Mark a mug with the right point for hot water as I won't have a jug!
For soups, I used a little Nigella mini whisk (like a mini balloon whisk) - water in bowl, tip in contents and whisk for a minute of so. Lovely and no lumps!

For my hot chocolate - a hand blender as the LL choccie shake had a tendency to be lumpy. Hoping to start Exante in the next week or so, so I will be applying the same principles as when I was on LL.
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I always mix my soups with cold water blend with a hand blender then microwave for 2-3 minutes this is better than putting in a pan as i found that they burn quite quickly also less washing up.;)
You don't need to put it in a saucepan just put hot water from the kettle into a container, then mix in the powder :)

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