What excercise do you do?

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  1. amandajane52

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    Cambridge diet
    I asked my CDC what excercise I can do while on the CD and she said

    " you can do what I call conversation excercise, which means its not too strenuous and you don't get out of breath, i.e you can have a conversation while doing it"

    So just wondering what excercise you all do.

    I have to say she had one of these big elastic band thingies today which I thought I might try.
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    Tony Ferguson
    I did very little for the first month and have slowly increased it since then, so here's my weekly at the moment

    - every day I walk for an hour or cycle for 30mins - although the weather can kybosh this sometimes. and then at least twice a week I do a 2 hour walk/1 hour cycle.
    - once a week I swim for 45mins - and cycle there and back (30mins)
    - one other time I do aquarobics and swim for an hour
    - I do tai chi 3 times a week at home and I chase a toddler around

    I used to abide by the "conversational" but now I push it much further and make sure I am puffing and panting and sweating for at least 4 hours a week.

  4. sonkie

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    I walk a fair few times a day, to school and back, to nursery and back, to school the long way round the factories and back.....!
    Then I use my eliptical trainer.
  5. Miss_Rooster

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    Here is my nightly regime:

    60 minutes of workout including:

    star jumps
    martial art kicking and punching
    Arm toning exercises

    and then I do another 20 on the floor of tummy and legs toning exercises.

    I'd like to go swimming too but dont want to do too much.
    Your CDC can get you a fitness DVD and book xx
  6. Bluepaws

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    Cambridge diet
    :character00180:I usually go to aquasize on a monday,
    pick my little brothers up from school on a tues and wed so walk to the school and back which takes almost an hour.
    :party0049:Thursday is my aerobics class, which I love!
    hmmm....friday... go to mum and toddler group in the a.m. (usually don't get a chance to sit down) and usually go walking around town to pay off bills etc.
    Saturday...otherhalf, myself and little one usually go somewhere like the resevior, country park etc. so again lots of walking and running around after my little girl.

    Sunday..day of rest. Pah! yeah right! usually cleaning, washing etc.

    I also walk the dog for up to an hour every night - minus the odd day - me and my mum go off in search of new walkways, cycle paths etc that we haven't come across before and usually end up in a bit of a sweat as we 'power walk' most of the way. lol.:character00115:

    If I get a spare hour here and there, I jump on my rowing machine while watching coronation st/eastenders and sometimes do my charlie brooks dvd late in the evening if I feel like i've been a bit of bum that day! hehe :):character00116:

    Wow, writing it down now, it seems like I do loads!:eek: It's mostly walking though which is great fun and FREE! :D
  7. amandajane52

    amandajane52 Typo Queen

    Cambridge diet
    Wow you guys do loads

    I better get my arse in gear lol
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