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what happens if...

you dont like majority of the shakes & soups??

so far i can stomach chocolate mint - but after a little bit, its sickly for me.
tomato is ok...

oriental chilli is like baby sick.

feeling REALLY hopeless atm.
got a chocolate orange for my dinner and looking at it is making me heave.

most of the time i have half then chuck the rest - i know i need all of it for vitamins etc... but i literally feel like im going to be sick.

:( :tear_drop: this feels endless.
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Have you tried using any or the recipes hun? You can only cook one pack a day but it may help you through.
If it helps you're not alone on not liking most of the packs, I only have tomato and choc/mint (obviously not together!:D).
How long have you been on CD hun?
no havn't tried any of the recipes or anything yet.

this is my 3rd day lmao. so i shouldn't really be complaining... but my mum keeps telling me i must have the shakes as its my vitamins and stuff... but i literally feel sick when i have any.

Had 2 sips of my dinner one and its still sitting next to me and hour later.
its stupid :(

really wanna get this to work for me ... but how when i dont even like them so i dont drink them? may as well not eat at all. lol.



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good idea i never thought of that.
problem is... i got one each of the soups and 1 or more of the shakes to give me a total of 21 for the week - so i am still learning if i like the flavours or not.
just wishing this was a little bit more easy lmao. don't we all hey.
but if i liked them i would look forward to them - instead i dread it.


are they the bars?

because its my first time doing the CD im trying the SS for 2 weeks on its own - then adding the bars possibly or maybe a chicken salad in the evening; depending on how much i lose.

oh ok.
i'm guessing they will be a little more expensive then?
i've just finished my Alevels and i am saving for uni - so i really am on a tight budget - but i guess if its the only thing ill like then it will have to do!

i will definatly try that! Thanks very much!
Its just really off putting on the first few days :(
no1 has faith in me to do this either which is putting me down even more.
"oh shes going to give up on the 3rd day" thats what my dad said after i complained i didnt like any of the shakes.
i was like :O give me a chance lol.

ohhh well.


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Look at it this way hun, going by your signiture you don't have masses to lose before you can start working your way up the plans. You won't have to ss for long and the sacrifice will be worth it in the end, hell it would be worth it just to prove your dad wrong (I have one like that to)!;)
I was just going to say about the tetras. I find most of the shakes difficult to stomach but the chocolate tetras are a lot easier, as long as they're cold! Also, after two weeks you can have a bar a day, which makes life a lot easier! I've got my 2nd weigh in tomorrow which means I can pick up my bars tomorrow - can't wait! The last two weeks have flown by! Hopefully it will get easier for you x
lol yeah. thanks guys.

i havnt been hungry up until now - my belly has just rumbled.
probably due to the fact i have had 1 full shake today, soup this afternoon i had just over half, and the dinner shake 2 sips lol.
probably wy ive started to get hungry lol.

ohhhhh im gna do it jsut to prove him wrong.

need to keep busy i think - its easier then.

thanks everyone, support is great on these diets!!!

feel a bit let down though coz after 2 full days i only lost 1 pound!!
so i said thats it no more weighing - but getting a bit obsessed with it.
1 measly pound for 2 days practical starvation is ridiculous lol.

maybe im expecting too much?


This is the last time!!
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I make my shakes with ice cold water and crushed ice. I then drink them through a straw. This makes them a lot more bearable for me, as I am not really a milk/milkshake person. Maybe you could try that?
There aren't many flavours I like, at the mo I am having either strawberry or fruits of the forest for 'breakfast', chocolate for 'lunch' and my fave, choc mint for 'tea'.
Must confess that although I like most of the shakes but non of the soups or bars all I drink is the Vanilla shakes. But what I do is add coffee to my shake and if I have it ice or just cold water out of the fridge and with a sprinkling of Nutmeg or Cinammon on the top it's YUMMIE. Try that and the Walnut and Toffee one is perfect with coffee as well.
i guess it is just trying different things and getting used to it!

havnt really messed around much - just put it in a jug, electric whisk it and drink it lmao.

thanks for all the suggestions :)

After 3 days I had lost nothing - after 4 days I had lost 3 lbs :D
Don't panic!

And yep, I'm doing CD to prove my mum and my fat friends wrong (it's only the fat ones which have been negative about it!)
i will make it my mission to prove my dad, my boyfriends mother (who said "i give you a week on it.") and everyone who teased me WRONG.

Got my brother (whos 14) and his friend here, practically taking the piss out of me that i have taken "drastic measures" to lose my fat. "i will never let myself get to ur stage" my brother just said... MY STAGE... IM NOT MASSIVE!!! i mean im overweight but not obese. he wouldnt dare say that to my mum who his twice my size.


Aha, well my brother is older. And skinny as a stick, but that's mainly cause he smokes, and eats barely anything.

Yep, my mum is a size 24, so she lectures me about how she USED to be, haha.

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