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What happens when you have a tummy tuck?


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Sorry Chardonnay - I killed his thread. A knack I've developed.
Engage brain before opening mouth, my dad used to say when I was a kid. Long before he attempted to teach me how to drive and had his nervous breakdown. ;)
Well hello everyone!! Not done an update on the tummy tuck for ages so here goes...

Still swollen in the middle between my scar line and belly button and still totally numb BUT am now generally a lot better, I am back in my normal clothes and am back at work properly and generally you would never know I had had it done if you didn't see me in the nuddy in the shower!

The scar line itself looks really good now, it is settling down a treat, the skin is very tight by the left and right of my groin which is uncomfortable if I say put something up on a shelf but assume this will stretch over time.

So generally I suppose I am well over the worst now, I have a consultant meet on the 15th October so will be asking about why I didn't get compression garments and hopefully a few answers.

In heinsight I still wish I had never had it done and that won't change, I have replaced loose skin with a nice 19 inch scar and a world of pain over the past three months and I won't ever think this was a good idea, I won't ever try and put anyone off of the operation as I know others have sailed through it but just not sure that I thought this one through hard enough!

Anyway in terms of weight I am pleased that I am still at goal weight and didn't pile on the pounds while I was so sedentary so proves I am capable of controlling my calorie intake which I am pleased with :)

Generally really busy at the moment though which is why I haven't posted much, I have my NLP courses in the next few weeks and have loads of coursework to get done for certification, I am also doing a load of other stuff (some boring ! some not) and hence I am definately struggling to cope with everything at the minute.

But then again that is what the nights are for so I better get on with some paperwork now...

Thanks everyone for your support along the way, I will post up some pictures eventually, it is just everytime I try and take any they are usually either pornographic or just plain crap!! And asking Jo to take pictures of me in the buff to post on the internet never goes down well over dinner.....
so good to hear that you're over the worst Mike. I personally thank you for being so informative about the way it went for you. I was thinking of gettin a tt done when I reach goal...I don't know how bad my skin will be, I guess it will be bad but to be honest I'm hoping that I can live with it, after reading your thread I personally don't think it's worth the risk. This is just my opinion and I hope your thread makes other people think more seriously about ever getting a tt done. I'm happy to hear you're pretty much back on track, I think you're right about the skin stretching in time. Like you say, some people sail through these things...and some don't....I don't wanna find out which I would be, MARKS AND SPENCERS HOLD ME IN KNICKERS WILL HAVE TO DO!!! lol

best wishes to you hun

xx sj xx
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Thanks everyone for your support along the way, I will post up some pictures eventually, it is just everytime I try and take any they are usually either pornographic or just plain crap!! And asking Jo to take pictures of me in the buff to post on the internet never goes down well over dinner.....
I'm sure there are many many people who'd like to se that type of photo on t'internet Mike! ;):D

Glad to hear you're over the worst of your TT troubles and moving forward with all your training etc! :D

No advice on scar care but I have started using Biooil this week as it is not as "raw" as it was,

No one is telling me what to do ! Never had any advice from anyone (apart from you guys!), my GP said she knew nothing about TT's and didn't want to advise anything and the hospital have never offered me any advice. I was literally let out of the door with some paracetamol in my hand!

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I'm glad you did this thread too but I have to say, I am still hoping very much to have the op and if I do I will do as you have and diarise it and hope and pray at the end of it that I don't feel the same as you and have much better care. I shall certainly learn from your experience and ask questions perhaps I may not have before! Thanks again Mike. Hope the pain goes away completely very soon.


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Hi darling, glad to see that you are doing well.
I was just watching the telly and I wondered if you were still going to do the great north run, if so good luck, if not enjoy the rest.

Take care darling.
Ok bit of an update as been a month now!

Ok overall it is ok I suppose, I still have a "large" swelling at the front between my pubic line and my new belly button which now feels like scar tissue as opposed to swelling, still very very tender and if I wear jeans I swell up like a baloon afterwards.

I saw the consultant (well actually 2nd in command) last week and he said that he wanted to do a further operation on the left side as the dog ear is quite large and is still tender, and also maybe (and this is a maybe!) an apronectomy next year if the scar tissue in the middle hasn't cleared itself.

Scar line itself is still angry but well sealed and by my pubic line in the middle has virtually vanised (thanks to bio oil!) but the scar up by my legs is still very very angry and too sore to put oil on yer.

So 4 and a half months since the operation now, still hurts a lot of the time, if I bend funny or do anything that involved lifting it really hurts still.

Still wish I hadn't had it done, and now paranoid about stripping off at the showers at the gym in case someone sees my huge scar!

Not to worry.... :)
Ahhhhhh sorry you still feel like that.......
It is an amazing road you have gone along from your 1st Holiday until now and I for one would wish you had been happier with your results. but at least the hospital are going to try and sort it out for you.

:character00238: Soon be 2008 and fingers crossed you will be able to stip off in the showers and show off your bod......

And what is the journey you need to go on to keep the weight off. I'm still battling to get to goal?
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I'm sorry to hear things didn't go smoothly but I wanted to let you know I have had 3 cosmetic procedures (lipo, a tummy tuck and a boob lift). It took me a long time to heal but I'm fine now and so pleased with the results.

My surgeon gave me some silcone gel to put on my scars on my boobs then once that was finished he told me to use bio-oil so you are doing the right thing.

Keep us posted
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Well, I am now 9 days post op and have to say that a lot of what Mike went through I have too but not the horrendous pain when drains removed, nor the dog ears, nor the lengthy hospital stay, nor the pulling out of drains on recovery. I was operated on in Leicester on April 7th and was home on April 10th (although I do think it may have been premature of them but at least I was home for the weekend...). Like Mike I was basically discharged with paracetomal and no advice but I had already asked the questions at my pre-op so am fortunate on that score. Mike - this thread helped me enormously in preparing me for what may lay ahead. It helped me to formulate a list of questions which turned out to be invaluable.

I am glad I had it done, despite the inordinate tiredness, scars (I have a vertical incision too) pain and discomfort and not being able to wear anything with a waistband at the moment. It is major abdominal surgery and not to be undertaken lightly - I too may have to have further surgery but I think the 'dog ears' are not an issue for me. From what I can see in the mirror (they did the cut around each side to the back at my hospital).. they don't look too bad. I'm hoping to stop resembling a woman who's 8 months pregnant very soon! lol

So really - thanks Mike. Your experience was helpful to me, and, I'm sure to others too.


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I have just read this whole thread, and wow! It's definitely given me lots to think about! xx

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