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What happens when you have a tummy tuck?

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Nearly done to target myself now, and am hating my tummy. Just a quickie, but has it been worth it Mike? Just ask cos would love to have my tum done, but worry my expectations are unrealistic and I wouldnt be able to cope with the recovery (two kids, teaching etc). I have had two C sections.....anyone know if it is similar to that? Not you Mike, obv!!!! hope you get back to work soon hun.;)
I've been discussing TT with my Dr and asked him about it in relation to 2 C Sections and he advised me that it is entirely different. Still major surgery but very different and different recovery time scales... if I were you I'd go and have a natter with your GP and see what they suggest and what info they can give you :D Well done on getting close to target :D
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I'm pleased you seem to be on the mend now. You have really been through the mill. Had mine done on Wednesday and I don't feel too bad. One part pulls a lot but not too bad apart from that.
Just thought I would add that I have had 3 c. sections and a hysterectomy and this is very different. My back is aching a lot because you have to walk stooped whereas with my other ops it's walk upright asap. Because it's not just the scar at the bikini line coughing and moving is a bit harder. How you move, getting in and out of bed and how much you can do seems to be very similar though.
Hello everyone!

Just back from London!! Spent the weekend down there and totally knackered.

Sorry to say that I am now in a lot of pain :-( Ethan grabbed me yesterday mucking about and pinched me right of the edge of my scar, never hurt like it in my life, it is so sore I could have cried when he did it.

Really struggled and generally very p'd off as I am still not right and it was 7 weeks ago now :-(

Swollen up like a baloon again and generally wazzed off with everything.

We did go to Covent Garden this morning and bought a nice candle

Lustiga: eternity light stone finish

But apart from that I am just hurting and I have a medical in the morning at work to see if they will let me work or not and not looking forward to that either!!

All in all not happy so won't post anymore tonight otherwise I will just depress everyone!

I am off right now to my bed and thanks.

Cya all tomorrow

Hello all!

Well the medical kind of went ok, the lady said I could return but needed to go to my GP and get them to confirm it! Anyway have agreed 2 weeks of doing half days and then hopefully full time again!!

I stayed until 1pm but was so knackered my eyes were drooping, picked the kids up on the way home and they played in the garden while I have struggled to stay awake on caffeine!

Jo is due in at 7pm from work so will get the kids into bed by then and hand over Cambridge to her when she comes in and then get a seriously early night.

Side isn't hurting as much today which is good but still a bit cheesed off.


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Bless you Mike, it all takes time to recover from (Ok so the pinch won't of helped) but once you are back into a routine you will probably feel a bit better. Bet you are living off coffee at the mo (or you will be when you are back in work!!).. Just give yourself a bit of time to get into the swing..Take care, Love
Mike... are you still regretting it? If you knew THEN what you know now, would you have still had the op? Very inspirational posts :)
Hi Mike, we come down sat night and go back wednesday! Got in at wild duck too!!!!
Mike... are you still regretting it? If you knew THEN what you know now, would you have still had the op? Very inspirational posts :)
Good question and the honest answer is I still would never have had the operation had I known now what I didn't know then.

I am not saying that I didn't listen to people, do some research and chat it through with my GP but I was under the impression I suppose that it would be a week in hospital, a couple of weeks of being "uncomfortable" and then back to work and get on with my life. For me though it has been much tougher than that and it is now 2 months since the operation and I am still very swollen around the middle, still can't stand up straight and generally feel really rough most of the time.

When I decided to have the operation I used to stand infront of the mirror and think how bad the "loose" skin looked and although everyone who saw me in my clothes said it looked like I hadn't got any I really knew that it was under my jeans and I used to buy clothes specifically to cover the skin and not too tight trousers that the skin would hang over the top, anyway I used to stand infront of the mirror and think it looked bad, but now I stand and look at a 19 inch scar, a lump of swelling, two dog ears, numbness from my nipples to my knees and it looks a lot worse than it did before.

Of course as well now I am looking at the two dog ears at the edges of the scar that stick out and hate them already, apparently you can have another operation to have them removed but had enough of operations so suppose I am stick with them, if I wear a tight t-shirt then they stuck out of the T-shirt and look weird. The scar itself is pretty good and hasn't broken and will silver away and should be ok but always going to be visible to me in the mirror which I have to get my head around.

The swelling in my groin and up to my belly button is still not good at all, still feel like I have been kicked in the bits and the fact the skin is so tight down there it pulls things forward means it is uncomfortable to sit for any period doesn't help.

I would hate for my posts to have put people off of the operation but I would say that unless you really really need it then think it through carefully, calling it a tummy tuck makes it sound like a quick thing but for some it isn't and you might be unlucky !! I think had I have needed it for infection reasons etc then it would have been worth it but I was given the operation on psychological reasons because it was depressing me but I seemed to have replaced one problem with about 5.

Will I ever be happy with myself??? No!! Not sure that I ever can be happy as if the result was perfect then I would move on to my ears, teeth, wonky nose etc etc as I was always under the impression that I couldn't be happy until I lost weight but being big is a sympton of being unhappy and not the actual reason, if being big was the sole reason for being depressed then you would never have got big in the first place, never realised that losing weight merely meant you have to try and find out what is wrong in your head that made you use food as an outlet for that problem.

Anyway too deep !! Maybe I need to self analyse less and that would help....

All in all though I would just say to anyone who is thinking of cosmetic surgery then do your research and make sure that your expectations are realistic.

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G: 11st10lb
You know what, I think this is the most honest post I've ever read... I am going to have the op (hopefully) and have followed your thread with great interest. I am still going to have it done and have had a very different expectation from the start. I think that lots of people don't realise just what a major decision it is and how tough the recovery can be. I also think your experience could have been very different had you been treated properly and given the right garments from the beginning so I will be very very firm about that if/when I go in! Thanks for doing this thread though Mike, it has given a frank account of your experience. I'm all for warts and all approaches!
Is the time it is taking you to recover considered normal or are you just a slow healer and the hospital expected you to be up and running quicker?
It's only the comment you made about you were under the impression that you would only be in hospital a week and then back to work a couple of weeks later. Someone somewhere must have given you that impression?
Is the time it is taking you to recover considered normal or are you just a slow healer and the hospital expected you to be up and running quicker?
It's only the comment you made about you were under the impression that you would only be in hospital a week and then back to work a couple of weeks later. Someone somewhere must have given you that impression?
The consultant said that I would be in a week, then two weeks of "pain" and then a few weeks of being uncomfortable.

My GP is convinced that due to the lack of compression garments is the main reason I have had problems due to pockets of blood filling up.

I think I have been slow compared to most although I spoke to someone who had the operation last year and she said it took 7 weeks before she returned to work and "months" until she felt ok again.



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I've been reading all about it and my heart goes out to you. You really seem to have been through it more than other whom I have read about.

The question of was it worth was an interesting one and I am sorry your experience has been such that you don't think it was.

I wouldn't have a tummy tuck, but in all honest after losing all but 25lb it isn't to bad, expecially after your experience.....:eek:

But I need a new set of boob.... but we won't go down that path...

I just wanted to say hat off to your for your courage to start such a radical diet, your willpower and achievement keeping the weight off and your honesty about the Tummy Tuck.......

On the CDC front would love to have a chat with you some time on msn or something.....

Hope a little way down the line you are feeling better and your TT looks better and feels better for you.....

Healing hugs over to you.



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I am so sorry to read about your experiences, Mike.

We all seem to make assumptions about ops like this, presuming that the surgery will be successful and we'll end up with a flat tum after a couple of weeks recovery. We assume that the surgeon follows best practice, and assume that after-care procedures are followed.

I have thought about having this surgery too, although being a big baby about pain and disliking hospitals generally, plus having better things to spend £7,000 plus on, means I've never seriously considered it.

Your experience has crystalised my decision not to go down this route, but to learn to accept the loose skin.

I read that you had not been given compression garments to wear after the op. On the tv programmes I've watched about plastic surgery, the people had to wear these garments for weeks afterward. However, is this just for lipo, or does it include tummy tucks too. When do you go back for a follow-up visit? Can you get more information about when you should expect to feel better?

I seriously hope things improve soon, Mike. As you know, it is reading your wonderful blog that helped me to find LL, and eventually weightloss success, so if anyone deserves a good outcome, you do.



p.s. Its just coming up to my 1st anniversary of starting LL (24th August), and I've been maintaining for six months now.
My follow up visit to the hospital is November!!

Saying that now I am back at work at my hospital part time I can use some of the staff services there so going to see them and see if they can help me out. I have back ache because I still can't stand straight so they are going to put me a on a rack and sort me out!


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