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What have i done!!!!

i can't believe what i did it's completely wrong and out of character for me!:eek:

i turned down Chinese food! my whole family sat around me with chinese and even offered some to me and i said no. i made that chicken kieve thing in the comfort food booklet that came with the lastest SW magazine.

although proud of myself all i'm thinking about is the leftovers of the chinese downstairs...it's three in the morning and i can't sleep and i'm thinking about the chow mein and spring rolls and duck and spare ribs. i'm not even hungry but i want it.

help me please 'cause i feel like my will is evapourating and i can't remember why i said no to it earlier, seems like a different person is in me and making me want chinese.:eatdrink023:
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thank you both for posting guys. :) problem is, that my brother want it for breakfast tommorrow. *ewe* so i can't just chuck it out, nor can i say why, since i didn't want it in the first place and my family is one of those "we don't waste it, make it into bubble and squeak tommorrow" kinda family.

nice thought though...maybe i can imagine it's in the bin?...no that doesn't work at all, i suck at lying in general, so lying to myself isn't gonna work.
Arm yourself with shampoo from the bathroom, then go downstairs and immediately squirt it with shampoo so you aren't tempted to just try a little, then chuck it in the bin.
haha, shampoo, now that is funny!

why can't i remember the smiley quotes on here...well bar these two :) :D
oh that is just wrong donnajt! hehe and i love you for it. :D "shudders" i don't mind maggots but i just thought of cockroaches and pubic hair all over it and now i think i'm traumatised.
where on earth did you get those pictures hun? *insert stunned look"

nah, i've eatten a maggot before so they don't bother me...but those toes, they look like the kind that would smell of cheese. :p

i must say, i'm not thinking so much about chinky anymore as to what you think will put me off of it LOL. thank you darling!
LOL, i used to live in Belize and my dad took us out to some temples...car got stuck and we had no food or water. luckily my dad used to teach survival to other soldiers in the army, so he knew what to do. we also had a snake and a tarantula -cut around the posionous bits. they tasted quite nice actually, weird texture though, like a cross between beef and chicken...
awe...LOL encouraging cannabalism? hehe, that was a cute pic.

hah, i bet you do, but seriously they are quite nice, a pain to catch though. they are quick little blighters
i am going to guess fishing first and if not perhaps it's for a pet?

*smirks* it wasn't one it was 43, all mushed up with some kind of sugar leaves my dad found...totally gross i might add, but did have a lot of nutrients
LOL, thanks hun. good night and sleep well.

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