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What have wee all had to eat so far today?


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What have we all had to eat so far this morning?

Ive had handfull of grapes first thing.

1/2 litre water

x2 small nimble bread with

x2 Laughing Cow Light

Coffee with 3 sweetners

Soon ill have handfull strawberrys

Lunch im having Broc and cheese Pasta n Sauce with huge salad and sweetcorn.

Then an apple

Tea's going to be late tonight as have weigh in but will probably make egg chips and beans and then make a pasta quiche for tomorrow lunch.

What do you think of my diet today ?
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Your menu sounds yummy! Lots of nice summery food!

I have had a banana and some quorn sausages for b/fast. For lunch I have SW quiche and tea tonight is homemaed turkey meatballs!!!


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Ohh that all sounds nice apart from the meat bit (being a veggi lol)lol


I've just had a cheese omelette and i'm having roast chicken with loads of roast veg (BNS, red pepper, red onion, mushroom and cherry toms) other than that i'm not sure yet :D


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Haha, i know. But i can't stomach food before lunch, it just makes me feel nauseous. Jacket potato at 10:30am?! /shudder!

I have a nice routine of coffee all morning whilst setting up experiment, nice lunch, then in lab all afternoon. I do enjoy my coffee in the morning :p


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im not a very breakfasty person but do try to have at least some fruit now just to even out me mood/sugar levels and whatnot. i have had a boring old banana with a sweetner laiden coffee and a glass of water :D
I've had 28g Weetabix minis with a dash of milk and a Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread, a cup of tea and a nectarine.

If I'm still hungry, I have 2 plums and a pear by my side :)


No Coffee, No Workee
3 weetabix (Hex B and 3 syns) with semi skimmed milk (part Hex A) and a banana at 7ish, nothing but coffee since but getting a bit hungry now.
I had special K sustain with strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and raspberries on top for breakfast, now I'm having a syn free prawn cocktail (EE) with lots of salad for lunch.

For tea we're having chinese... SW style of course! sweet n sour beef on a bed of noodles with lots of stirfry veg in it.
I had a sachet of Oat So Simple made up with water, with slices of apple and banana. It wasn't that great as I didn't any sweetener it in. I had half a litre of water with that.

I am going shopping later, so will probably get a Subway salad. Although it will be hard to resist the sub of the day, which is meatballs. But I am determined to see a loss this Thursday, so will try my hardest.

I am working from 6pm-3am, so will pick up a salad from work, avoiding all the tasty burgers etc. I might make myself a smoothie as well, using a small handful of fruit and water. Might pick up a Mugshot from town, too.

Boring day :(


Never gets tired of SW!
Sounds lovely Heaven, with all the right components! For breakfast I had 3 Quorn sausages (cooked the whole pack of 6 and used the other 3 as part of my SW quiche with stirfried veg and chilli flakes) and a big bowl of strawberries, cherries and fresh peach slices!

Lunch time is going to be homemade potato salad with green salad/cherry toms/ green pepper plus 3 Babybel lights.

Tea is going to be chicken salad with wholemeal pitta bread and a slice of SW quiche and a Strawberry Mullerlight.
For breakfast i had 2 x wholemeal( HEB) with a tsp honey spread over both and a sliced banana
Just about to have some red grapes, then i am having a cheese and onion omelette for lunch.
Havent decided what day i a doing as i am just getting over a nasty throat infection so easing myself back into the diet...


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For brekki i had

Lean Bacon, loads of mushroom mixed with onions "fried" in frylight, with a dash of balsamic vinger and baked beans.... its was so lush...

Snacks i had 3 little oranges

Lunch is going to be magic porridge with lots and lots of fruit mixed in

Dinner is Home Made Beefburgers with baby bels inside, SW Chips - to finish with yogurt and fruit....

ive had far too much to eat already today!

cheese and ham toasties (4 ww bread+ hea cheese)
2 large bananas
half punnet cherries
1 small bowl pineapple
1 yogurt
2 alpen lights!

lunch is sausage and mushroom pie!
Dinner is bacon wrapped chicken with cauliflower cheese!

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