What have you had to eat today?


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I thought as well as the meal plan thread that a member started it would be useful to do a thread on this too, so that new members or older members can see what people are having on red, green or ee days and get ideas etc.

The format would be like this for example:

Type of day you had (i.e. red, green or extra easy)

Breakfast: ?????
Lunch: ????
Dinner: ?????
Snacks: ??????

(adding the syns and HE's in above where ever syns or HE's have been used)

and then lastly

syns total for the day = ?????

what do you reckon?

Here is mine for yesterday:

EE Day

Bacon Sandwich (HEb + 1 syn)
Cup of tea (0.5 syns)

Sweet Potato and Spinach Frittata (HEa) with barbecue chicken drumsticks (skin removed) and a mixed salad

Ginger and Garlic Prawns with Noodles (1 syn)

100 calorie cereal bar (5 syns) and 100 calorie popcorn (5 syns)

Total Syns: 12.5
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Here's mine..

EE Day

1/2 pink grapefruit, 'magic porridge' (28g porridge oats (hexb) with muller light yogurt)

SW quiche (used onions, mushrooms, peppers), 1 scan bran with smoked salmon 'pate' (smoked salmon blitzed with quark)
2 clementines

Chilli & rice
1 banana, grapes

1 packet walkers french fries - 4 syns
175ml rose wine - 6 syns
Milky Way magic stars - 3.5 syns

(hex a - 350ml skimmed milk in tea/to drink)

Total Syns: 13.5

(Had to edit - the spuds were green - emergency freezer dinner!!)
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Happy Holidays

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Green Day

Polenta porridge with raspberries
snack chilli choc 4syns

Sauted veg (celery, mushrooms, onions & peppers) with quorn lamb grills

Shepherds pie (made with quorn & thicken with instant mash), carrots & swede

I'm off out tonight so will have toast for hexb but no hexa as we have no cheese in & I'm not a lover of milk. I won't have anymore syns today as I went out last night & had a fair bit of alcohol :rolleyes:


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I'm trying EE today

Breakfast :
Cup of tea ( HEA milk)
Alpen bar

Lunch :
Chilli chicken low fat super noodles
3 clementines
Alpen bar

Spaghetti Bolognese
Cup of tea ( HEA milk)
Strawberries with sprinkling of sweetener

Snack a jack caramel 2 1/2 syns
tomato puree ( for spag bol) 1 syn


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EE for me today.

Breakfast:- muller light, banana, apple and clementines.

Lunch:- jacket potato, beans, cheese (hex a) grapes.

Dinner:- cottage pie with sprouts, carrots and broccoli.

Snacks:- Hifi bar (hex b), fruit and muller light.

Trying to go syn free today and tomorrow because I finished off the Christmas chocolate over new year and have run out of syns for the week!


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Green Day

Poached eggs on wholemeal toast (HB)

Quorn sausages, new potatoes, veg and gravy (3syns), vlf fromage frais, white hot choc options (2syns), meringue nest (2.5syns)

Quorn and bean chilli and rice, topped with low fat cheese 42g (HB), followed by meringue and fromage frais again (using 1.5 sachets of white hot choc options (3syns) and 1 meringue nest (2.5syns)) topped with a banana

small slice of sw quiche, 1 mini baby bel plus skimmed milk in tea (HA), coffee made with skimmed milk (HA)

Total Syns: 13 syns
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i did a EE day

B - 2 slices of toast (8 syns) , spagetti hoops and lean bacon with no fat

D - muller light yogurt , alpen bar (HEX B) , 3 tangerines

T - gammon (fatty bitd cut off) , potatoes, broc, carrots

Diet coke & water


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iv had..

breaky: 2 shape yogs, 2 alpen lights (HEB)

lunch was chicken, sw roasty potatoes, carrots, cabbage, 1 morrisons eat smart pork sausage wrapped in bacon (fat removed) with gravy

tea was large bowl of brown pasta, with chilli con carni and cheese HEA

Gravy 1
Chilli 1.5
Quality street 2

syns - 3.5



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Had an EE day as well. l slept in today and didn't get out of bed until 11 so by the time I was showered etc it was noon so had a hearty brunch!

Scrambled eggs on toast (1 laughing cow light spread on the toast - part HEA)
Roast tomatoes
Homemade latte with 200ml semi skimmed milk (rest of HEA) + 2 tsp sugar (2)

Pot of 2% greek yogurt (0.5)
Chopped peaches
2tsp honey (2)
1/2 meringue (1.5)
Everything was stirred up like an eton mess, was delicious!

Steak & chips
1 tbsp ketchup (1)
Salad with balsamic vinegar

Total syns: 7


A sucker for a key change

Breakfast - 28g Porridge, milk and sweetener (HA&B).
Lunch- Hifi bar (6 syns), crumpet (4 syns) and butter (2 syns).
Dinner - Spag bol, muller light, grapes.
Snack - Grapes, vlf cottage cheese with 1 scan bran (1 syn).
Drinks - Cuppas x4 and two large glasses of diet lemonade.

Total of 13 syns.


I will do this!!!
Red day

Breakfast: scrammbled eggs (tomato sauce 1 syn)
Lunch: Turkey rasher sandwich (bread HEXB, tomato sauce 1 syn)
Dinner: Gammon, eggs and chips (chips HEXB)

Milk for tea HEXA

Did have some naughty choccies so probably about 1000 syns!!!!! :)

Devon Dolce

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RED day for me today:

Breakfast - 3 x boiled eggs and Ryvita soldiers (Hex B) with Marmite

Snack - 1 x ASDA cold Cumberland sausage (1 syn) and 1 x Alpen Light (Hex B)

Lunch - leftover Chicken Curry (approx. 2.5 syns with sugar and tomato puree added) with broccoli, carrots and cauli

Snack - 1 x Alpen Light (Hex B) and cherries

Dinner - Stuffed Mushrooms - portobello mushrooms with leeks, red pepper and ham with a Babybel Light (Hex A) on each mushroom (had other Babybel Light whiilst cooking!)

Dessert - if I have room! Quark with a White Choc Options (2.5 syns) with blueberries and cherries

Milk in tea and coffee (250ml SS for Hex A)

Syns = 6 total


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breakfast - chopped up kiwi, sharon and passion fruit with muller light on top sprinkled with 28g toasted porrige oats (HEB)
Lunch - Huge plate Fat Bum (SW) Chips done wth fry light
Dinner - Lemon Grass and Corriander Cous Cous with chicken and chopped mango

Sins - 2 x Cadburys Highlights 3 sins in total ( from sachets not jars)
sweet chilli sauce ( over cous cous) 2 sins
2 mouthfuls of kiddies tea - guessing ( bad I know) at 3 sins

Total 7 sins
Still got to have HEA - not sure how I am going to use it yet but will make sure that I do.
Have also managed to do 5 km on my new exersize bike in 11mins although had very little resistence on it.
All in all.. a good day me thinks! :)


Bears dont dig on dancin'

-1 gigantic pear, few raspberries, blueberries
-28g Branflakes (HEXB)
-250ml Milk (HEXA) used in tea aswell.

-Baked beans
-2 x Nimble (HEXB)
-28g cheese (HEXA)
-Yogurt, Muller

-Basic sauce: Q mince, passata, herbs.

-2 x Kitkats (11)
-2 squares chocolate (hopefully less than 4syns!)


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EE Day

Pudding rice made with water and skimmed milk (HEXA) with a drizzle of honey (2).

SW quiche and baked beans with 1 tspn of extra light butter (0.5) on 2 toasted slices of Nimble (HEXB).

Roast beef, roast potatos and mixed veg with a small amount of gravy (1)

Pickled onions

Total Syns: 3.5

Will eat some more syns later :D


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Red Day

B = 1/2 pink grapefruit with sprinkle of splenda, 28g puffed wheat with milk and splenda (hea/b)

L = 2 Alpen bars (syns 6), 2 bananas, water

D = 227 g jacket pot (heb) sw mag beef burgers, griled fresh toms, poached egg, brown sauce (syns 0.5)

(milky coffee to finish off hea)
Finish the other half of grapefruit
scan bran from my heb allowance (puffedwheat) not sure what to have on it yet though

SYNS 6.5

Have been finishing off whats in the cupboard today so its a bit of a mish mash of things, I am going to do a proper shop tomorrow :D


I will do this!!!
this is a brilliant post....its giving me so many ideas! cheers guys :)


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Red day for me.

Breakfast - sliced apple with shape feel fuller yoghurt.
lunch - trimmed bacon sandwhich (b) with margerine and scrape of tomato ketchup (2)
tesco cheese curls (3.5)
dinner - syn free bolognaise sauce with a B choice of spaghetti and
42g reduced fat cheese (a)
quark mixed with an options sachet and sweetner (2)


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Great thread!

Today was a Green Day

Breakfast - Magic Porridge (HEX B), strawberries

Lunch - Pasta n Sauce and large salad

Dinner - Baked sweet potato, cottage cheese, quorn swedish balls with roasted courgettes, peppers, onions, butternut squash, garlic and tinned tomatoes.

Snacks - Muller and strawberries, 2 alpen light (HEX B)

Tiny toffee crisp - 5 syns
Asda mini ice cream - guessing 4 syns

I did make that all bran choc cake but it was horrible so threw it away and had the toffee crisp instead! I got confused and thought that the cottage cheese was an HEX A, so didn't actually have any HEX A, must do better!!!