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  1. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Earlier in the week i asked if this diet was really working for me because i wasn't haven't any common side effects that i was told to expect. Everyone assured me that it was fine and it would work. Well i had my first weigh in last night (a day earlier than last wk) and i'm sooooo dissapointed and embarrassed to say i lost 2.5lb!! I can honestly say i was devestated i was hoping for more like 6lb at the least. I don't know were i've gone wrong, i've been on diets were i've eaten and drank the things i like and still lost more weight than that.
    I'm on sole source and i have followed the plan to the letter so why didn't i get what i deserved?:cry::cry::cry:

    Jane xx
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  3. hanloje

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    Sorry to hear that you're not getting the results you want hun, tricky isn't it? is it totm? that can mean fluid retention? are you drinking the water? if you're doing it all by the book maybe have a chat with your CDC to see what he/she suggests. You can't fail to lose weight on this diet but in your case maybe it's a medical complication ???? good luck in finding the solution for you anyway x
  4. mrs c

    mrs c Cambridge Consultant

    Don't worry, it could be fluid retention, totm, anything, if you've done it by the book, you can't fail to loose on this diet, have you checked for any inch loss, sometimes people don't loose the lbs but loose the inches, it is worth checking. Good luck
  5. cissie

    cissie Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi, I'm sorry to hear you are so upset but I have to say I would be too. I also didn't have any side effects. I would only say dont give up as the results may show more next week. As others have said though check your inches because you may have lost here instead of in the pounds. Keep going hun xx
  6. ratty

    ratty Full Member

    It's definitely due to water!

    At 5' 3" and 22 stone, your BMR will be approx. 2100 calories - to just stay alive and functioning, your body needs to burn 2100 calories A DAY to just keep your heart beating and your brain ticking over. And that's just for sitting perfectly still all day ... the calories you use will go up if you do anything at all.

    On SS, you're taking in a maximum of 500 calories a day - so your body has to burn up at least 1600 calories of fat a day ... that's 12,100 calories it must find during a week, which works out at 3.2lb of pure fat.

    Add to this the glycogen and associated water stores that you will have (which weigh at least 5lb), and that's at least 8lb gone. So if you have "only" lost 2.5lb this week, then rest assured that you are retaining 5.5lb of water, which will come off over time, as long as you're making sure to drink *plenty* of water.

    The minimum water intake on SS is 2.25 litres, but from what I have read (non-Cambridge literature), you should be aiming for that *plus* at least an extra 250ml for every 25lb you're overweight, as obviously having a bigger mass means you need more water. How much water are you drinking right now? Could you "up" this?

    I got my CDC to give me the water flavourings from day one, as I knew I could not drink enough plain water. Sure, it's "breaking the rules", but we agreed it would be better for me to be hydrated and drinking plenty then dehydrated because I disliked plain water so much I couldn't drink enough to keep me from being thirsty! So if you're struggling it might be worth asking your CDC for help?
  7. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Thanks for your reply's. It is my TOTM but i dont usually retain water so i didn't think it was because of this but i'm hoping that this is the case. I've been drinking roughly 3litres of water a day but reading ratty's post i will defo try and up that this week. I don't really have a problem drinking plain water as long as its cold.
    My CDC has been really supportive and rang me up last night to make sure i was ok and assured me that it will show on the scales. She offered to weigh me again in a few days time, but i'd rather wait til the full week is up to hopefully see better results.
    I'll probably be on here alot more this week having a moan and to keep me out of the fridge lol.
  8. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    Hey Janey, glad to hear you are still being positive! don't forget that you did lose 2 1/2 lbs, i know it's not as much as you wanted but it's still a loss and that's great!
    Keep drinking that water, i'm on about 4-5 litres a day at the moment!!

  9. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    Just to re-iterate what everyone else has said, that you will lose weight on this diet - you can't not. Just don't lose heart & give up, see what next week brings & hopefully you'll be a lot happier then.

    Most people lose, on average 3-5 per week on SS, but some are slower losers. Even if you continued to lose a steady 2½ lbs per week, you're still looking at 10 lbs per month, which ain't bad going & more than you can expect on other diets. But I'm sure next week will be a bigger loss.

    Keep up the good work & keep on drinking your water.
  10. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Do you live in the loo? lol
    At least i'm getting some exercise running up and down the stairs!
  11. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    aww janey ((((hugs)))) that cant be easy espec in your 1st week. stick with it though hun it will show on the scales :) xx
  12. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    yeah pretty much, good job i work from home and my loo is downstairs though!! i fill up my water bottle after every trip to the bathroom...not getting much work done...lol!!
  13. SCrittenden

    SCrittenden Full Member

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    I think the downfall (the only one), for this site, is that because there is a such a range of people on here, and its the people with huge losses that you notice the most, you set yourself up for some miracle loss, when realisticaly, any loss, is fantastic.. i did it to, i lost 6 1/2 lbs on my first week, and because of what some of the others on here have had, i thought it was disappointing.. but thats nearly half a stone!.. and to loose 1stone a month, you only need 3 1/2 lbs a week.. I was really disappointed my second week, 2lbs!.. but, i have a feeling that when i go in for my weigh in tomorrow that i may have a 4lb, if not more, loss.. so ... the diet does work, just can be disheartening some times.
  14. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

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    slim&save, tried everything in the past,failed expert on them all
    did you get weighed at the same time of day, i always went for my WI in the morning before any fluid intake and after being to the loo (for a number 2) lol. good luck for this week and keep glugging the water
  15. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Hey scousemouse (i'm from liverpool too) yes i got weighed at the same time as last week, i guess i'll just put it down to retaining water.:eek:
  16. Big Bird

    Big Bird Full Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Janey Just wanted to say stick with it, i am sure you will have a good WI in next week :0) Also well worth checking your inches to see what the change has been XxX
  17. Tubs

    Tubs Full Member

    2.5lbs off beats putting 2.5lbs on by about... 5lbs! So it's a good step in the right direction :D

    Well done :)
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  19. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Lol, i like your reasoning Tubs. I've decided to defo keep going this week, i've upped my water (2.5litres so far) and i'm going to try a little gentle exercise too, i don't know what kind yet. I have a pilates dvd would that be classed as exercise?
  20. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Chin up chick, keep going it will all come good.xx
  21. raven123

    raven123 Member

    Hi Janey

    On any other diet a 2.5lb loss would have probably got you a slimmer of the week sticker. lol!

    As everyone ahs said lots of factors such as TOTM , fluid retention, water intake etc. You should see a fab weight loss next week. Some weeks you will notice more difernece in inches than on the scales.

    The other issue may be that teh weight loss reflects teh amount overall you have to lose.Having been on teh forums I have noticed that those with more to lose , show bigger losses. If you had only one stone to lose you wouldn't lose that the first week.!

    Don;t get downhearted it will work for you. Take care and good luck
  22. Janey82

    Janey82 Member

    Lol i wish i did only have a little to lose raven but i have 12 stone!!! to get rid of:eek::eek:.
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