What is your most important piece of advice?


has lying hips
I just got the call!!!! :D :D

I've got my first meeting next Tuesday evening (Oct 3rd).

I have to say I'm alternately excited and terrified. I was worried my GP wouldn't get my referral back to the counsellor in time for me to join next week - but now it's reality!!!

Scenario A

On my birthday I will be 3 stone lighter!
I will be able to go running again - I remember running in the snow around my local park - it was so beautiful - I want to do it again. I will be able to return to my squash club. I haven't been because I'm too embarrassed for them to see what I've done to myself! I will pull out all the beautiful clothes which are stored under my bed in ever decreasing sizes - some of which I never even got to wear as I piled on weight at such an alarming rate! I will no longer struggle with food but enjoy it as a healthy part of my life.

Scenario B

I fail. I add another diet to my long list of failed diets. I feel my self-loathing rack up yet another notch at my weakness! :(

I'm thinking it might really help to blog as I go along (which I have done before on "8 day" type diets to great success).

So lovely people, I've read some amazing stories on here. There seems to be enormous numbers of successful LLers here. What would be the one tip you would give me that might help me achieve everything in scenario A?!?!?
I am doing CD but the advice is the same
stick to it 100%
drink lots of water
try to get plenty of rest in the first few days
That way you will do scenario A
and you will be running through
May give that a go myself this year!!!!
Good luck babe

Another piece of advice
Keep posting
Just set a target and don't even think of the journey just think of arriving there.......
My best advice? BELIEVE you have what it takes to do it.

Stay focused on the road ahead - do not look to the left or to the right.

There IS no scenario B.
My advice is DO NOT CHEAT, this will ensure a very easy and enjoyable journey! It's hard, but each day gets easier and easer and after a couple of months you won't give food a second thought!

Good luck
* First time is golden time - it is possible to get back on the wagon if you are tossed off, but far better to start and blaze your way through :D

* Take photos regularly so you can physically see your progress

* Water water water

* A blog is a fab idea to pour out your thoughts and feelings.

All the best of luck :D


Lacey x
Tell me to go to bed Queenie !!!!!!!:eek:
Good luck to you, and as somebody else said there is no option B.

You can and will succeed, only been on LL for 4days myself and piece of advice i got so far is to stay on this forum, i am amazed and grateful for help and support of you all.. /bow
Well kick option B into touch right now, who needs it?
Option A is the only option , there are sub-options within that like,

Will I drink the required amount of water/ or not?

Will I have all my packs or not?

Will I let others dictate to me what should go in my mouth and when or not?

Will Use this forum and other positive sources of support or not?

See , you cant fail if you make the right choices, its that easy!!!

But my best peice of advice is DO NOT CHEAT under any circumstances at all. it is never worth it and it will make your journey so much harder, however if the worst should happen and you do slip up, DO NOT BEAT UP OR GIVE UP!!!, just get straight back to it!!!
Somebody put a great annalogy on here the other day,
If you get a flat tyre do you get out the car and slash the other tyres and blow up the car?????
of course not , you call for a man to come and change it(HA, HA, I am not a feminist!!!) and then you check your lipstick and drive on!!!

All the best
  • One day at a time, don't look too far ahead; it's just too daunting.
  • NEVER, NEVER, take a planned break from abstaining. Re-starting is soooooo hard.
  • Water, water and more water!
  • Oh and some more water!!!
  • Oh and be aware of the location of the nearest loo!
  • Experiment with cooking the packs to give you some variety.
Best of luck.
You have a great visualisation there, keep that right at the forefront of your mind. I am a massive believer in visualisations - as the song says "if I can see it, I can do it: if I believe it there is nothing to it" - I have that subscribed on a mirror in my office (some friends bought it for me when I got my office last year).

Then of course there are the "obvious" ones - drink loads of water, if you blip put it into context - it is a blip not the end of your diet! etc, etc.

One last thing - I could never see myself as a thin person as I had never been slim as an adult so I got a picture done at See Yourself Slimmer - the picture is on my office wall and on the door into the kitchen!

Good luck.
Hi Gaijingirl

My top tip to you would be believe in yourself and scenerio A. It will happen as long as you believe in yourself and in the diet. Believe you are doing your body and mind so much good. Treat yourself as extra special; reward with early nights, even daytime naps if poss., lots of pampering but never with food. Be proud of the fact that you are taking control and enjoy your weight losses and all you will gain from them. It's a wonderful journey almost like pregnancy and giving birth.

ENJOY! Dizzy x
One last thing - I could never see myself as a thin person as I had never been slim as an adult so I got a picture done at See Yourself Slimmer - the picture is on my office wall and on the door into the kitchen!

Good luck.

I was going through photos from about 6 years ago the other day and came across a few of me at that time. I am SO thin - well within the recommendations and super healthy, playing squash 3x a week, gym every day.... what's sad is that I always thought I was fat - even then. I don't think I've ever thought I was anything but fat. :(

Might be wise to do this "See yourself slimmer" thing though... my 20s were a long time ago now... :D